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I know folks

by PurpleSkys In reply to AVG WARNING

That used avg free for years and never had any problems.

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But if you read your own post

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to AVG WARNING

In simple terms you will get renew screens that will not go away when your trial has ended

The operative word here is TRIAL.

Like all Trial software it stops working after the Trial but in the case of AVG you get annoying Popup's. However if you download and install the AVG Free Basic Protection it just works without a problem. You do however get a Add on the bottom of the AVG Control Panel every time you open it trying to sell you the Full Version but as you don't pay to use the product I don't see a problem with that.

If you use any Trial Software it can be a real pain when the Trial Expires and I personally always remove it before the Trail finishes as it's just easier to do things that way be it M$ Office or AVG Internet Security. You can hardly blame any provider of software for this in their Trial Software as that is exactly what you are getting a Trail Version of the Full Product not a free to use for as long as you want version of the full product.

I have AVG Free on 1 NB here and simply don't have any issues with it but every time that a customer uses the Trial Version which they think they are getting something for free they complain when the Trial Finishes and they have to do some work to remove the Trial Software from their system.


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I went away from them ages ago, for other reasons

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to AVG WARNING

but going away was easy.
As for it leaves some registry entries about. Where have you been hiding? You can count the number of applications that don't leave registry entries about on one hand without taking your mitten off.

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I also moved on from AVG a long time ago...

but for none of the reasons the OP is complaining about. I used AVG Free
on my personal Windows 95 system up til around version 7 or so, at that
point it became a bit of a resource hog and slowed the poor old workhorse
way down. Avast then became my free AV of choice, and remains one that
I recommend, though for the past couple of years I have had good results
with MS Security Essentials, and it is my first recommendation for Windows.

I wonder if the long-running thread regarding removing the AVG Search
Toolbar is related to this "trial ware" nagging? Registry entries...ahhh, yeah...
try uninstalling McAfee trials sometime! For a number of years, seemed most
PC OEMs included a "free 60 day trial" of McAfee Internet Security...lots
of friends and family members asked me for help with clearing all that stuff
off! So bad that even McAfee themselves finally made an uninstaller to aid
in removing the trialware. Norton, last I tried it, was just as bad, especially
in regards to network adapters, almost impossible to get rid of a "Symantec
Network Adapter" once it gets hooked into your actual driver. Adobe Acrobat
Reader is another that is difficult to completely remove.

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On Avast myself

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to I also moved on from AVG ...

Got what turned out to be a false positive from AVG Free. Asked me if I wanted to fix it, and after selecting the obvious answer, it then told me I needed to upgrade to fix it. That engaged by default response to hostageware...

Norton was a regular, leaving a few orphans about is way less of a problem than you can't install because it's not installed, and you can't uninstall because it's not uninstalled.

Guy needs to get out more.

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by PurpleSkys In reply to AVG WARNING

i should clarify; i stopped using AVG myself about 6 yrs ago and went to Avast (I resisted my husband's recommendation on it for a bit first). Up to that point, I had been fairly happy with AVG, but we were continually running into infected machines that AVG couldn't heal but Avast could. I still know a few hardcore AVG folks that wouldn't give it up and are still completely satisfied with it, but I know more that have switched to Avast and are thankful that they have.

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