.avi and .mp3 files got converted to jpeg.

By runny21 ·
Hi Guys,

Last time when i used by friend's pen drive my comp was attacked by a virus, which converted all my .avi and .mp3 files to jpeg. I cleaned my system with bitdefender and removed all the viruses found. I tried renaming a few files(to check) but i am back to square one. Again the files got converted to jpeg. And 1 more thing , is there any way we can convert the extension of the files in one shot.

Please help me with this.



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by Wizard-09 In reply to .avi and .mp3 files got c ...

Disabling the System restore, restart the computer is safe mode run the scan again boot the machine up right click on the file select open with then select your problem tick the box that says use this for all file extensions.

Keep us informed as to your progress if you require further assistance.

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.avi and .mp3 (Issue Fixed)

by runny21 In reply to Try....

Thanks for your help. I got the issue fixed. i ran a scan with bitdefender and it found a malware. Basically the malware had created a folder in c:/windows/system32 called mcont i.e media control and it was also there in startup when i checked msconfig, deleted the mcont folder and unchecked it from the start up resolved my issue. The only headache i have now is that i have almost 500 .mp3 songs which got converted earlier(by the malware) and i have to manually change their file type one by one. is there any option to change the filetype of all the files to .mp3 again in one shot.

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by praveen In reply to .avi and .mp3 (Issue Fixe ...

Dear Runny,

Download, from net it is file extn changer. then you convert the file type of one file at a time or full folder at one go. I found this software very useful. All my Mp3 and avi files also changed to jpg files. Try, Good luck.

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by runny21 In reply to .avi and .mp3 files got c ...

Hi praveen,

Thanks a lot for the valuable info about the software. I converted all my files to mp3 within 2-3 seconds...Thanks a lot again!!!

~ R

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try it

by vajrakumar In reply to .avi and .mp3 files got c ...

manually you can convert it but it takes long time to convert all files, first u open the converted file in note pad and click on file menu then select 'save as' then save it as adding "file.mp3" extention at the end and never forget to put quotes at the beginning and at the end. it will work

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conversion of mp3 to jpg

by umesh_kvc In reply to try it

the solution given is creating more problems, as the refered site and software is nothing but the malware, which will affect more.

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You mean

by seanferd In reply to conversion of mp3 to jpg

Which site did you get it from? No particular site was listed, as far as I can tell.

I downloaded a copy and have scanned it with no indication of malware. Choose a different program if you like.

Are you sure you have completely cleaned out the malware that caused the problem in the first place? Try scanning with this:

Edit: Here's my suggestion for manually identifying which type of files were renamed. You can then change the file extensions back manually.

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New reply

by runny21 In reply to You mean

Hi Seanferd,

Manually changing the file extension is fine when you have limited no of files. I followed what praveen suggested me for and downloaded ext changer. Do a google search and install it. Its really awesome.

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Best way to solve remaing.

by aashish.path In reply to New reply

Just make a batch file. All you have to do it to create a new text file with following code

ren *.jpeg *.mp3

then rename that text file from .txt to .bat.
now put this batch file to the folder where you have your jpeg file which you want to rename to Mp3. Now simple run the batch file by double clicking it.
all the files will be renamed in seconds. :).

Hope you will like it. Let me know if you use it.

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even i have the same problem

by sheshkiran.achary In reply to Best way to solve remaing ...

how to create a new text file with ren *.jpeg *.mp3 codes

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