Avira AntiVir Scan Engine returned error 1151

By andredejong ·

We have been getting on more than 1 server the error msg at more than customer we support :

Customer = CompanyX. Component = Servername Date : 18-04-2012 13:34
Event : Scanner 'Avira AntiVir Scan Engine' reported 1 consecutive errors!Current error description:Scanner 'Avira AntiVir Scan Engine' returned error 1151 (Unmapped return code 1151 mapped to ERROR.).

Does anyone have a clue to the cause of this error ?

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re-installation may be needed

by databaseben In reply to Avira AntiVir Scan Engine ...

sometimes programs become corrupted as a result of microsoft security updates and simply require that they be re-installed with updated versions from their home site.

there is however, occasions that the makers of software are not aware that a particular microsoft update has corrupted their program and they need to be contacted to provide you with assistance which will also make them aware of the new issues.

however, at the same time, software makers also incorporate files to ensure their free programs are not being used by those that should be paying for it. so if by chance the program worked before but no longer works now, then either their updates or microsoft updates locked up the money ware.

in any case, if re-installing the program does not clear up the error, then you may have to switch to another program that is compatible or contact the programs service desk for assistance.

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