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Avoid Reactivation of Office 2003 ?

By KenLea1 ·
Since I am still fiddling with my home network, and have set some things on my Win2000 Server that I don't yet know how to change without a format/reinstall, I need to somehow preserve the security/activation of my Office 2003 installation on the Server (have run out of new licences). Will the Office 2003 installation recognise it is being reinstalled on the same machine and not require re-Activation? Or will simply backing up my Server (only one HDD, so need to Backup to another PC, so no System State backup possible)preserve the Activation when I Restore to a new Server2000 installation? Or could I do a complete (System) Backup onto the C: drive, then copy the file to another PC, format the C: drive, reinstall 2000 Server, then Office, and copy the file back, then Restore? Help needed:)

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by bkuyatt In reply to Avoid Reactivation of Off ...

I have done the same. I loaded boxed copy of Office 2003 pro on two machines and then re-formatted one and re-installed on same machine and no activation problems.

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by TheChas In reply to Avoid Reactivation of Off ...

First, you should have nothing to fear from a re-activation.
Worst case, you will need to talk with a Microsoft customer service rep to get your new activation code.

Since you plan to re-install Office on the same hardware, in the same manner, there should be no questions about the activation request.

If you backup and restore the Office folders, you will still need to re-install Office.
If the activation files are stored in the Office folders, the installer "may" recognize that you have already activated Office, and except that.

However, if the activation files are stored in the system folders, the information won't be there.

Since you are having system issues, you don't want to restore a full backup.
That will just get you back to where you are now.

About the only other option that comes to mind is to use an application transfer utility such as Aloha Bob to backup and restore Office.


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by KenLea1 In reply to

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by KenLea1 In reply to Avoid Reactivation of Off ...

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