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    Awful Frame Drops & Stuttering

    by breakoff-_ ·


    Recently, I have been receiving horrendous frame drops while using my PC. It happens when I’m using chrome or playing games, and it stutters to the point where my pc is momentarily unusable for anywhere from 1-10 seconds. The audio is also completely distorted by this stuttering. While I cannot remember the exact time this began happening, I think it was around the time a got a new pair of used Razer Kraken headphones. However, this is pure speculation, and general solutions are also appreciated.

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      Re: drops

      by kees_b ·

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      Headphones shouldn’t have any influence on the system, unless you installed some bad drivers for them. Uninstall those then.

      Otherwise go back to a system restore point before this all started or to your latest image backup that still was fine. Both should help if it isn’t a hardware issue. A possible hardware issue could be related to the cooling of the CPU or the graphic card. Then clean the innards of the PC, and check the fans.

      A crude diagnostic is to see if there’s anything remarkable in the processes list of Task Manager when such happens. Sort on CPU use descending. That might point to other software using your PC’s resources.

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      “pc is momentarily unusable for anywhere from 1-10 seconds.”

      by rproffitt ·

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      There’s not enough detail in this discussion to point at anything specific but many times I find a cranky HDD where such delays happen. Then again you might have one of those 2GB RAM laptops with a HDD and other limited hardware. Such machines tend to be OK then not. Without further detail such as a SPECCY web report I’ll pause here.

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      My PC was having a similar issue….

      by birdmantd ·

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      ….until I did a system update online and power cycled my computer. After that, the issue seemed to be cleared up. As strange as that sounds, sometimes the easiest and cheapest solution solves many issues. If you haven’t tried that already, give it a shot and report back on the results.

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      Driver Issue

      by naheed mir ·

      In reply to Awful Frame Drops & Stuttering

      I will suggest going to the sound driver in the device manager and update them. If it still shows the same issue after updating then install them and restart your system. Restarting the windows will install the best driver. Ensure that your windows are updated.

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