AWS Has Killed The Cloud

By DonaldTor ·
With AWS shutting off services for Parler, why would any organization consider putting their systems in the cloud. Without warning, a cloud provider might decide it doesn’t like your business for whatever reason and shut you down. No orders coming in, no payroll to process, or even email access to explain to your customers what is happening. You can just move your systems elsewhere. Just take your backups. Wait, those could be gone too. Completely removed by your cloud provider. Can your business survive?
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Not new news!

by itsdigger In reply to AWS Has Killed The Cloud

An mod from Cnet has been preaching this since day one of the cloud.
Right Bob?

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My message has been

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Not new news!

About being careful about Cloud use. You can build your own cloud so in this case they didn't and now get to pay the price of not having their own cloud servers.

Another part of my message here is more about business and personal use. That is, if you put your accounting and more in the cloud, do you have a plan to continue if said cloud provider folds? Also, do you have backups of what you can't lose.

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Re: AWS and Parler

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to AWS Has Killed The Cloud

Amazon says Parler didn't adhere to their TOS, so they have the right to end the service. Parler doesn't agree and sues them.
It's like being banned on this forum, but on a larger scale.

We'll see the outcome some day. It will depend on the quality of their lawyers. Today I read their IT staff was quite bad. Use Google Translate to read the original Dutch article:

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