AXMonitor - Could not open a session with Cryptoki Server.

By rhinoontherun ·
I loaded a program called Advanced System Care 3 and ran the "Maintain Windows" component that runs spyware removal, registry fix, privacy sweep, and junk files clean. When I reboot my computer I get the message "Could not open a session with Cryptoki server" under AXMonitor. How to I fix or remove this?

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Axmonitor seems to be malware

by TobiF In reply to AXMonitor - Could not ope ...

A quick google search for Axmonitor hints that axmonitor is something bad. Either your cleaning managed to break a part of its functinality, or the controlling server was unavailable.

Since you have an active piece of malware on your computer, try scanning it with rescue disks/thumb drives (that you should prepare on a hopefully clean system.

DrWeb live CD

Avira Rescue system

Maybe some other people will chime in with additional ideas.

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You could also try System Restore

Then if that doesn't work, try TobiF's run Avira, or other antimalware (Microsoft Security Essentials is pretty decent as well) from bootable disk/thumbdrive. Let it scan and clean anything it finds.
FWIW-most so-called "registry cleaners" don't work as well as advertised.
CCleaner is the only one I've read much good about. The only one I've used is included in the free Windows Online Safety Scanner.

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OK at a guess here you had an Infection

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to AXMonitor - Could not ope ...

That Advanced System couldn't cure. It has removed at least part of the installed infection and has broken the OS. It however is unlikely to have removed all of the infection.

You can try one of the Rescue Disc's listed here which may clean the system but even then it is just as likely with the Breakage to the OS that it will need to be rebuilt;leftCol.

As I'm not sure which OS you have I can not give you the exact way to rebuild the OS but here are the directions for XP. You'll need a M$ Branded Install Disc as apposed to a System Makers Recovery Disc and follow Method 2

Of course if you have a different OS you'll need to look at the directions for that OS.


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Digital Signer?

by synthea In reply to AXMonitor - Could not ope ...

Did you try to download a security signing service from GlobalSign or another Adobe or Word processing partner - - so you could certify your signature on your PDF or DOC files or safely collect money on a website? I had the problem you discribed above, and traced it to a TRIAL digital signing service I downloaded. Do you also see a file called dkreg.exe in your processes when you open your task manager? If so, contact support for help, or if you are not using it, uninstall it. I never quite figured out how to use mine, so I contacted support for a uninstall file (rather than using windows uninstall), since I want to make sure it is completely gone. I also suspect it started messing with my CPU at startup.

If this is not your problem, think about what you might have installed or downloaded just prior to the message popping up.

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May be caused by using an external TCP/IP security device not properly

by cici33 In reply to AXMonitor - Could not ope ...

A hardware security module (HSM) is a type of secure cryptoprocessor targeted at managing digital keys, accelerating cryptoprocesses in terms of digital signings/second and for providing strong authentication to access critical keys for server applications. These modules are physical devices that traditionally come in the form of a plug-in card or an external TCP/IP security device that can be attached directly to the server or general purpose computer.

PKCS#11 ??? RSA's API, designed to be platform independent, defining a generic interface to HSMs. Also known as 'cryptoki'

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