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By flight_lieutenant ·
Hey there all, I was wondering if someone could help me with a problem I have with an AZESearch Toolbar. I was browsing the internet the other day and everytime I try to load a page on the internet it is redirected to AZESearch and i have been forbidden from entering the site. Also after being on the internet there are several new icons on my desktop: Adult, Casino, Spyware Remover etc...

I have tried using Ad-Aware SE and Spyware Search & Destroy but none of those have removed the AZE search. I have installed HijackTHIS and will post the log below...


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by flight_lieutenant In reply to AZESEARCH

Can't post the log - too long. I can email the log if requested, cheers

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by dryflies In reply to AZESEARCH

go into tools> manage add-ons in Internet explorer. note the executable name for the search bar and then disable it. search through the registry for the executable name WARNING, DANGER mistakes in this process can render your computer un bootable. find all instances of the executable in the registry. note any classes referred to by the keys with the executeable in them if they are not standard windows programs/classes, remove them. delete the keys with the executable. go into the "run" and "run once" keys. remove any references to the executable. backup your registry before you do any of this. methodically and carefully eradicate any reference to that executable.

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by flight_lieutenant In reply to

Thanks for your help, firstly I tried disabling the AZESearch on the add-ons section in tools but it was already disabled. Secondly I have already tried deleting the keys in the registry but they are back after I restart the PC, cheers for the help anyway, anyone else know anything?


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by dryflies In reply to AZESEARCH

you may also have to kill the application in task manager. Boot in safe mode before going through all of this. I had one of these. I would kill a process just to have it start back up. I found the one that was starting it and it got restarted by the first one when I killed it. also run MSconfig and disable them from starting. also delete the executables after you have them killed. Hang in there bud, perserverence will prevail. Took me two days to get rid of the D*** thing. also, there may be a thoird process that oversees the other two.
disconnect from the network and start killing them until you find the culprit, take notes to help you find your way.

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by ozi Eagle In reply to AZESEARCH


Try an antispyware program called AdwareAway, available from . You get 5 days free trial then need to buy. I have found that this program finds and kills stuff the others don't. Also don't use it on a W98 machine.

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