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I have multiple Azure clients. I provide them managed service where we have deployed 3rd party security products in cloud e.g Fortinet/Paloalto Firewall Endpoint monitoring solution F5 WAF.

I am looking for a cloud security management solution that can manage and monitor all these components from a single console. Make my analysts/team life easier. Logging to each customer console and management is very hectic. Solution should ideally integrate with Azure native security products as well e.g Security center, event hub etc.

Any suggestions?
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SCVM is the best suited solution for your needs

StoneFly SCVM is a software-defined solution that can be easily integrated with public clouds such as Azure, AWS, and other s3 compatible clouds. It comes built-in with cloud connect features that would allow you to manage multiple infrastructures from a single interface.

Hence, creating and managing multiple clouds becomes easier. They also offer a solution particularly for managed service providers StoneFusion MSP which offers even more deployment and management flexibility.

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