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"Azure", Do I understand this correctly?

By dawgit ·
This is a 'Free' (to use) program from Microsoft, That will cost you <i>money</i> when you use it. ?
Considering that somewhere in the 'Cloud' there is a Server, CPU's humming away, (AC's blowing) etc, that you will be using. And won't know how much of that you're using until you've used it. And which you will be billed.
Can someone explain a justifiable and explainable, business model for using this.

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As it was explained to me

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to "Azure", Do I understand ...

Basically you buy VMs, a heathy lump of Blob storage space comes with it, DB space on SQL Server is extra ( and pretty expensive)

The thing about their model, for it to make sense you have to gear up for it. You aren't really renting time on a windows box, it's a different platform.

One case they explained was an e-campaign.

So you've got a set of pages you want to serve, and you put them on anumber of nodes. You have some say data collection and you pass through data to nodes that run that process.

Then the idea is you start off with some nominal number of each and then as (hopefully) you get traction, you ramp up the number of nodes (it will auto balance front and back processes), and then as it gets older ramp down again.

So in theory you aren't stuck between buying a huge piece of kit to cope with peak demand, or more likely accepting that at the peak, many aren't going to bother waiting.

Got to think different platform though, put a traditional CRUD application of Azure, it will run like a dog and cost a fortune.

MS were surprisingly honest about it, compared to the usual panacea merchants, who rarely mention the massive re-engineering and different approach required.

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