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By gadgetgirl ·
See update post at end of thread, people!

Kiltie threw this idea out in another post, so I'm putting this thread up for general thoughts.

Who's in the UK? Who'd like to meet up?

Initial thoughts are to meet in late Spring/early Summer and have a general good time.

Where? Once we know who's interested we can set a central location, with good transport links for those of us not inclined to drive.

What? Whatever you like (ok, within reason, you lot!) We can do the weekend thing, or an overnighter, or a meal and a drink, or just a drink. It's up to whatever takes your fancy. :8} (within reason....!)

I forgot to turn off the "Volunteer" switch in my brain, so have volunteered to co-ordinate this/book rooms, hotels, B & B's as decided or restaurants/bars for meals/drinks. :) All you'll have to do is co-ordinate your own transport.

So, it's over to you. Who's up for it?

Ok, I promise I'll turn the man-eater level to low (it never gets switched off..... )

****, I'll even promise to speak English and not Geordie, if that'll help any!

Posts on here, or pm's to me, I don't mind.


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Well, see how you are

by jdclyde In reply to [b] ** RE-RAISED** BRIT ...

Leaving the rest of us out in the cold!
<img src="">
Hope you lot have a grand time anyways! Someone remember to take some pics!

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but ya know what?

by Jaqui In reply to Well, see how you are

this could be done for every area.

you could get everyone from Moldy Intestines to get together.
though it might be a good idea to not have it in the land of confusion. ]:)
everyone is confused enough at meet and greets.

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Used to do this at AFU

by JamesRL In reply to but ya know what?

I hosted one in a Toronto Bar - only 6 people but what the heck it was fun anyway.

I'd be happy to host if people want to make their way here.


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So what

by Oz_Media In reply to Well, see how you are

Denman Station? Numbers? errrr. no thanks.
(damn, they still around? It's been a while sicne I was a downtown hound).

I'd always come down to the Dover Arms for a few with you though.

Sorry that was aimed for Jaqui, but posted under your for some reason. I've been having a **** of a time with TR lately.

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by Jaqui In reply to So what

Numbers is still around.

Celebreties, Moosehead, Pump Jack's [ used to be Doll and Penny's ], Oddesy and the Dufferin for the gay bars.

The Plaza, Dicks on Dicks, Roxy, Cecil, Cellar, Tonic, Caprice, Au Bar, The Drink, Sonar, Penthouse, Cobalt, American [ and the wino central joints on Hastings ] for Straight Bars.
[ Downtown only, the list is way to long if we add the outskirts of Vancouver, never mind the burbs, like Burnaby, New West, Coquitlam, Surrey, Richmond, North Van, West Van. ]

Really, I think you would rather the Fireside or Mugs 'N Jugs [ peeler bar.. or was last time I was in it ]

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Hey Im not THAT out of touch

by Oz_Media In reply to only

It's just the bars and clubs around the bent-end that I don't keep up with.

I am in close contact with most others, through booking their acts for them.

Mugs and Jugs is a dive full of bottom feeders, the HA clubs (#5 or Drake) are still okay though, Hells Angels keep the entertainment good there.

Fireside? Just around teh corner from me, but full of old farts and people who think a pint of Blue while the wife plays Bingo is a great evening out. (too Surrey'ish for me.)

I've hung out at so many of them though, over the years, including Funky WinkerBeans, the old Grand Union and Balmoral. It's not that I'm too stuck up, but simply don't have the patience for the patrons anymore; I left that life behind many years ago.

Celebrities and such, not my bag (sorry for the pun) but I have a 'wide variety' of friends so I've been pretty much everywhere down there.

I should try and make it down that end more often, I always liked hanging out on English Bay (in a secluded cormer without the yahoos and tourists)and walking the seawall is always good excercise.

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by Jaqui In reply to Hey Im not THAT out of to ...

I tend to not hit the bars at all.
In a way, Calabs is the best out of them, classed a gay bar, but completely non discrimnatory, with 75% of business from the straight community.
[ gods, the hot women going in there ]:) ]
And it's where Sanctuary is being held now, instead of the Purple Onion.
[ Goth Night, with a heavy dose of Fetish ]:) ]

I'm more likely to wander into a Blenz or Timmy's than a Bar on any given night.

ahh, a great place, fantastic food, licensed [ for the booze hounds ] Vera's burgers on Davie.

There are at least 8 members from the lower mainland here.
could actually make a fun afternoon / evening.

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by Oz_Media In reply to well

Always has been the best burger downtown. Even better than Fuddruckers. (but i am still partial to Wally's on Kingsway).

As for gay/mixed bars, when I worked in Bentall area half the staff were gay, half were straight, we'd bar hops without thought as to who was where. That's one thing I do like about downtown, for teh most part it's pretty liberal and accepting, though a bit too trendy with the lap dog craze. I was actually asked many times when meeting new people, "Where's your dog?" as if it was an accessory or something.

Bars, not so much this last year, when working with acts I don't usually even turn up anymore, too many endless nights in bars for me. But last year and in previous years, I would go from a skid bar on East Hastings, to the 5, to Stages, to Denman Station, then back up to Dicks on Dicks, then perhaps teh Cecil, then the Yale etc.

All bars were sources of income, so I didn't hold prejudices on who went where. It's kinda fun that way too, you meet a greater variety of people, instead of the typical bar chicks you seen to find in every corner of the planet.

A buddy of mine is/was heavy into the latex, rubber and fetish trip for years, I never really hung out for such nights at local clubs, but I couldn't give a toss what people choose to do either, it's just not MY thing that's all.

God knows I am not one to judge someone for their choices.

As long as you have fun and nobody loses an eye, well not BOTH eyes anyway, who cares what people do?

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by gadgetgirl In reply to Well, see how you are

It's not intentional, it's just there's a bloody big expanse of water between us.

Personally, I think that any others who want to join us would be an added bonus !

Yes, that's an open invitation - but again, I'll help with accommodation etc., but you sort your own bloody transport!

(my little Trusty camera with the 512 card is already packed, jd! )


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Seems a little unfair

by DMambo In reply to [b] ** RE-RAISED** BRIT ...

You small-country people could realistically pull this off, but us big-country folks probably can't. I don't think this is an equitable situation.

Ah, well. I hope you pull this together, GG. It sounds like fun. Keep everyone up-to-date.

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