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baby boomers leaving soon

By sprinkl3s ·
ok so we're all aware that the baby boomer generation is approaching retirement, so what does everyone think this is going to do for the IT field is it going to make company's do more outsourcing and visa's for people, or is it going to force the company's to start better choosing who they hire in or is it going to just make them hire more??? or any other idea's you may have on the subject

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Won't change much

by jdmercha In reply to baby boomers leaving soon

Look around your own IT department. How many baby boomers work in IT? More younger people are getting into IT every day. There will continue to be way more people entering IT than retiring from it.

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by sprinkl3s In reply to Won't change much

maybe true but look at the quality of most people that are trying to come in to the field? most of em just think its where the money is so they do it for that.

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None at all

by MyLord In reply to Won't change much

IT is typically considered an early retirement field. At 55 boomers would already have been retiring if there were any at that age. Generally, they are forced out earlier when they become too expensive. They might try to find a position at half pay, but are unlikely to do so. Industry gets the quality it wants. Since there is little objective measure of quality, cost is the guiding factor. Those entering should be looking at cost since the lifecycle is so short. The best should be looking for more stable and durable industries since cost is deficient in this regard.

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How many people retire at 65 in IT

by ProjectCoach In reply to None at all

In the UK, the standard retirement age for men is 65 (thought it is increasing)

In 20+ years in the IT industry, I have seen one person retire at 65 - at that caused a lot of comment at the time.

Most I know are out in their late 40's or early 50's - some to second careers or some to "contribution" careers in the charities sector.

Sadly I know some over 50 who would like to work but can't, even after applying to literally hundreds of jobs. Age discrimination is alive and well (if soon to be illegal) in the UK

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Absolutely right!

by Ashby In reply to How many people retire at ...

I agree, in the UK, they are almost all gone already, downsized, rightsized, age-sized, whatever. If you are over 45 here, you aren't going to find a new position commensurate with your skill level.

A cartoon in the trade press summed it up - Recruiter is saying to interviewee "What we are really looking for is someone under 30 with 20 years experience." Would be funny if it wasn't so true!

All helps to foster the "skills shortage" myth. What a waste!

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Maybe it's a college thing but..

by CMB from Omaha In reply to Won't change much

I'm a 49-year-old boomer, and the IT folks at my location (community college) are my age or older.

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IS will need restaffing

by mastiff57 In reply to Won't change much

The company I work for the youngest in the IT Department is 48 so we are all Baby Boomers

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IS will need restaffing

by mastiff57 In reply to Won't change much

The company I work for the youngest in the IT Department is 48 so we are all Baby Boomers

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It is having an impact on the Government positions

by Maevinn In reply to baby boomers leaving soon

Primarily in terms of corporate history, or continuity. More and more places are focusing on providing mentoring for younger generations, increasing leadership training, and getting as much corporate history out of people and into reports and documentation.

I don't think that there will be any more positions created--doesn't make sense. Instead, I can forsee the consolidation of tasks, as one person is expected to fill the shoes of 2-3. Positions are being redefined as the potential for technology to reduce work loads is understood by more and more managers.

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Should not change too much

by lmayeda In reply to baby boomers leaving soon

I am a 60 year old baby boomer and I plan to retire in 2-5 years. I think my longevity has to do with my ability to change with the times. I initially started my career writing software and evolved with the changing systems to wearing all hats from network administration to software development. I think my value to the company is my wide range of expertise and my ability to problem solve. I think that as long as the new crop of IT personnel can learn as they go, the IT industry should not have much of a problem.

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