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Bachelor Degree required for a job, why?

By WebTek2 ·
Bachelor's Degree Required.
Why is this an important requirement for employers?

I have been in the Information Technology field for 31 years and have extensive experience with Microsoft, Linux, Cisco networks, Solaris, Unix, and practically every application put out by Microsoft other than programming or development.

. Instead of attending college, (one because I could not afford it), I chose to serve in the United States Marine Corps for 6 years. Received numerous Meritorious Masts, was a high shooter for my platoon at Parris Island Boot Camp that was featured in Leatherneck Magazine that year.

I met new people from another country, saw how they lived, ate their food, and experienced their lifestyle for over a year.

As a Veteran with all of my IT experience, I am perplexed at the fact that an employer feels a Degree of some kind is preferred over real-life experiences.

What will it provide over years of experience?

I graduated High School, can read and write fairly eloquently, can converse with others easily, can perform research when it is required and I always complete my work with excellent documentation.

I have spoken to many individuals that did go to college and most say it's just one big party.

So, unless you have an Information Systems degree, I cannot see why a degree is required for employment if the degree has absolutely nothing to do with IT. Please enlighten me.
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I understand your frustration

by birdmantd Moderator In reply to Bachelor Degree required ...

On the other hand I did get my bachelor's degree and couldn't find a job after graduation. If the employer requires it there is not much you can do but present your strong points and experience/qualifications in a more positive light.

Essentially the "Why" doesn't matter.

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by WebTek2 In reply to I understand your frustra ...

Hi Birdmantd,
Thanks for the reply. I have been out of work since 11/6/20.

At one interview, the hiring manager told me I was perfect for the job and wanted to bring me on immediately. Three days later the recruiter handling my submission emailed me asking if I had some obscure degree. I didn't and after my reply to her, silence.

It's very frustrating as IMHO employers are missing out on some great people with awesome skills when they prefer only degreed candidates.


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Re: frustation

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Frustration

Surely there are other potential employers that are less rigid. Hope you find one of them soon.

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Why Bachelor Degree required for a job?

by Lore01Thomas In reply to Bachelor Degree required ...

I also had the same question as you before. But my experiences taught me and made me understand the importance of having a bachelor's degree. Maybe you will be also enlightened sooner or later.

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