bachelor thesis topic

By M.Komon ·

I am looking for a suitable topic for my bachelor thesis. I'd like to do something in networking, network programming would be nice, using Cisco devices is welcome. Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance.


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If you ask me...

by tintoman In reply to bachelor thesis topic

There would be a fortune to be made if someone could write a clear concise manual in idiots language on how to set up a home wireless network, I have often thought of doing one myself, but I prefer to keep taking the money from those who cannot do it

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not suitable for a thesis

by M.Komon In reply to If you ask me...

Doesn't really seem suitable for a thesis to me. But thank you for the idea anyway.

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Humanistic address resolution

by Djarn In reply to bachelor thesis topic

This is something that I thought about after helping someone figure out why their e-mail did not make it to the recipient. If I type an envelope and put it in the mail, even if I have mistyped something, the letter will often reach the proper destination. If I make a similar mistake with a computer URL, I will not get a proper connection.

I believe it would be an interesting study to research how to make network connections more tolerant of human error. For typical tech workers, this is not an issue. For typical person requiring support, this is an issue.

Can you make a go of something like that?



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