Bachelors Degree in IT w/ concentration in Cyber Security. Worth it?

By connerhgn ·
I've recently been looking into going back to school for this degree. I've been researching and seeing mixed reviews on whether or not it's worth it. A little background: I've been to college before and have about 60 credits under my belt. I want to return to further myself. Always been interested in computers and systems and cyber security has always fascinated me.
Many jobs I have seen require a lot of experience with degrees not always being a requirement while certifications are always a must. So do I go for the degree while sacrificing experience (I have none at the moment) OR do I teach myself to earn these certifications and try my luck that way? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated :)

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Yes, it's worth it

by KG-TechRepublic In reply to Bachelors Degree in IT w/ ...

I hire a fair number of tech people and the ones that have certifications or degrees get my attention and get the interview. If you just study on your own, it's just you saying you know the stuff. If you have the credential, there's some outside validation that you know something. It's also a signal that you have some ambition and work ethic. Plus, you get the benefit of the school's career placement services. I'm not saying it's impossible to do it the other way, but that would be more of an uphill battle. Cybersecurity is so hot right now, so I think it'd be money that was well spent. Just my two cents. The other thing I'd recommend is to find people who are in the job you want and ask them for advice. Good luck.

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by lterrell1 In reply to Bachelors Degree in IT w/ ...

I faced you same predicament and this is the way I see it. The degree states your able to learn, the certifications prove your worth your salt.

In the end you may only want to go the cert only path. Something to consider, unless you have high demand cert (CISSP is one I believe) having an IT give you room to "market" your skills without a degree. Food for thought...

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