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bachelors or masters?

Hi to all experienced IT pro's and hiring people. My conundrun is that I've been working in the field for five years started out in first line support bu have now moved on to managing an IT infrastructure for a medium sized company. I need to progress further at some point and a degree of some sort will definately help(or so I've been led to believe). I need to decide between spending another four to five years working for a bachelors(part time) or spend less time and money working towards the masters degree(part time as well), which I feel is the sensible option because I've already got five years of experience in the field? Tell me how will it be pereceived that even though I did not go to a red brick university but have gone through the effort of gaining the masters degree, will I be less of an attractive prospect in comparison to someone who has been through uni got a bachelors then maybe their masters plus the relevant experience? I know that some employers will not even look at you if you do not have degree from a full time uni (some even make you feel slightly less human because of this). Your thoughts and opinions please?

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You can do that?

by mlayton In reply to bachelors or masters?

You can get a Masters from an accredited institution without having an undergraduate degree? I had no idea. I thought you could only get a graduate degree if you had an undergrad.

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Yes, you can do that

by cklondon In reply to You can do that?

Yes, you can get a Masters degree without holding a Bachelor degree, although it is difficult at credible institutions.

It really isn't that big a leap - since your undergrad does not have to match your Masters (i.e. you can have a BA and then take an MBA or MEd, etc.), why should it matter if you have a Bachelor degree?

I have a friend who is finishing his MBA right now and has no Bachelor degree in anything. He did, however, have to use extensive Prior Learning Assessment credits to prove he could handle the workload. He is now about to move into an MEd as well, which will also accept him without the Bachelor.

Just my 2 cents worth.

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I don't understand

by DC Guy In reply to bachelors or masters?

I don't understand how you can get a master's degree without first getting a bachelor's degree. Are you saying that the virtual university has a program that starts you off at zero and finishes with an M.S.? I suppose that means that somewhere along the way you do receive a B.S.

I can only speak for myself. I would prefer someone who got a bachelor's degree in the traditional way from a traditional university. A lot of computer people are geeks with poor social skills. The live university experience can help them overcome that, and it's going to be mighty imporant as you move up the corporate ladder.

Something I have never seen discussed: How big is the cheating problem in virtual universities? All you need is a smart, older friend--or a smart, older person who will do it for money--and they can impersonate you at your workstation occasionally or just give you extensive hands-on help with your homework. I find it very hard to believe that this is not happening, considering how rampant cheating has become in live schools.

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by Don'tQuitYourDayJob In reply to I don't understand

Are you actually trying to say that cheating is only a problem in virtual or distance-learning programs!?

I guess you never sat next to someone that you knew was using a "cheat sheet" during a test? You never knew or heard of anyone that had access to "last semester's" tests?

How about that student that didn't carry his/her weight on class projects - but still passed?

Are you saying that you can't find someone that will write term papers (for a fee of course) for a particular subject!?

As for testing with distance or online programs, many have proctored tests and you do not take them setting in your chair at home with no one around. You don't always just take a test at by yourself. You schedule a time and a place to take the exam. In some cases, this protor can be someone from your company's HR department. Would you really want your HR department to know that you are a cheat?

Even if you were alone during a test - how is that different from a take home test (yes, traditional programs are allowed and do give take home tests!)? Also, they give open book tests in many colleges and universities. How is that different from a timed online exam?

As a professional - why would I want to help someone cheat by attending their chat sessions or writing their paper for them, etc? Would I want to work with that person and more importantly, would I want that person working for me? I certainly would not give them a reference!

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I don't get it either

by jmgarvin In reply to bachelors or masters?

Every "real" school I know of will not let you CONTINUE to any graduate school without an undergraduate degree.

I don't get it. I would highly suggest going to a meat school for your undergrad and then move on to a virtual school (if you must) for the MS or MBA.

Make sure that you check Dr. Bear's list for degree mills and "fuzzy" schools

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yes it is possible

by RAMROD In reply to I don't get it either in the UK (an I'm sure in other places) you can get a masters if you have proven experience as well as some qualifications before you apply to masters program in actual fact there is a red-brick uni london that will consider you on the basis of experience and other qualifiactions besides the b.s .

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I don't know about the UK

by jmgarvin In reply to yes it is possible

In the US you should have an undergraduate degree before you can get into a graduate program.

My biggest question is: What college?

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Heriot Watt

by JamesRL In reply to yes it is possible

Heriot Watt, which is both a red brick university in Edinburgh and a remote learning institue will allow you to enroll in an MBA program without a bachelors degree. But the first three courses are core subjects(kind of a trial) and you have to pass them with a certain grade to be formally accepted into the MBA program.


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Where matters

by jdmercha In reply to bachelors or masters?

A BS from a fully accredited institution is better then an MS from a less reputable school.

I do know that you can earn a PhD without having a masters. You can also be accepted into a Masters program in conjuncttion with a BS/A program. You go to school for 5 years and graduate with a BS/BA and an MS/MA.

You can also get a degree from an accredited instituition that will give you college credits for life experience.

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Bachleor or Masters does it matter?

by Rascal1981 In reply to bachelors or masters?

I don't have either and am currently working on a BS and then Masters and finally a PhD. I think that so long as you have a BS (min) you should be fine depending on what you want. To be a mgt at most places I have tried they want a min of a Masters. But I think it depends on your goals; for I.T. some companies do say outright that they want a Bachleor min. but I have also seen alot accept experience instead of the degree. So I guess it really depends on what you want, want the job demands and where you go from there.

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