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Back of lottttsss of work and a holiday :)

By rob mekel ·
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Wow a totally renewed TR, big surprise to me.
How does it all work, much the same but slightly different??? Well, I'll have to adjust to it. :)

So how you all doing. I hope you all are well. Had a lot of work till half September and went on vacation from then till yesterday :)

Had a realy great time in Africa, Uganda (Mountain Gorilla's, wow real great, and Chimp's), Tanzania (The Migration, Wildebeest and Zebra's moving from Masa Mara(Kenya) to Serengeti(Tanzania)) and Kenya (great diving and snorkeling at Mombassa coastal area) And of course some real great game-drives.
Near to the mountain Gorilla's I can see/feel why Diane Fossy was so thrilled about them :)

Now back to normal live for me, that is ... starting a new job within a few day's :)

So lett me know how you all are doing :)


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hey there!

by Shellbot In reply to Back of lottttsss of work ...

long time no see :)

Good to hear you had a good holiday!
New job as well? Cool, congrats.

You missed all the whining about the new TR..its been a bit weird..

But such is life :)

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Hi Shellbot, tnx :)

by rob mekel In reply to hey there!

Good and nice to know you're still around :)

Can imagen that it was a big hassle when TR changed Do think it has improved, maybe a bit bright but ... I'll get used to it :)

Tnx on the congrat's. Will be starting the new job next monday. So holiday was a good try for my "old" company to see what info they were missing on the operational part of my job. :) Not much I guess, cause I'm borred at the moment doing nothing just saying goodby's :)

BTW do you know what happend to the Italic, bold and so on features? I always liked to use them expressing myself interupted by my thoughts


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by Shellbot In reply to Hi Shellbot, tnx :)

the font features were working..a few of us (points finger at JD) were having some fun with colors and the like.but people got annoyed so we stopped..<br><br>

ok..i'll just give it a try here..<br><br>

<font color=red>Red font</font><br><br>

Edit: its working for me..strange..try them again..was maybe a glitch?

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:0 humble me

by rob mekel In reply to hmm

Been away for to long, must use the right brackets.
Well it will all come back to me

Tnx Shellbot :)


edited for emoticon typo

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Glad you're back

by Tig2 In reply to Back of lottttsss of work ...

Other than the new look/feel to TR, not much has changed.

Signed up to do the next 3 Day walk in August 07. Have stayed in training but will have to curtail that some when it starts snowing. Same as last year.

Congratulations on the new job. You will have to pop back in and let us know how it is going.

Your holiday sounds wonderful. One of these days...

Good to see you again. You were missed!

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Thank you TT

by rob mekel In reply to Glad you're back

Don't postpone things you wanna do!!! But heck, who am I telling this. :)

Great, you signed up for the next years event. Smorty was asking about that (forgot which thread, sorry) got it right now, wasn't Smorty but The Trivia Geek in:

Must be a **** of a job going back in training with winter comming up. Altho I like the winter, special in the mountains for skying and cosy evenings by the fireplace, I hate it when having outdoors workouts like running and so on. Unless the sun is out and the path I'm running on has no snow/mud on it. :) But that is hardly the case overhere.

Tnx on the congrats. Will sure keep you informed about the new job. I'm looking forward to get started. Special as I'm getting bored on the old place. But ... will start soon :)


edited for the add on in italic and bold

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Welcome back

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Back of lottttsss of work ...

Good holiday by the way, I had a few days off recently to finish painting my kitchen.
Possibly should have chosen green to go with my current mood.

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Green to go with your mood ?

by rob mekel In reply to Welcome back

Yeah, it was a great holiday :) I can recommend it to everybody, that is if you like nature.

Tnx for the welcome back


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