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Back to school for Certification or Degree?

By nathka9 ·
Currently I have closed my business unrelated to IT or the computer industry. Since then I have taken a job at a local mortgage company. However my true passion is working with computers and the internet. I have the A+ certification and working on the N+ cert. I have some college education but no degree.

My goal is to become a web developer. Should I persue certifications, associates degree, or a BA. I have a family with children so time and money is tight. However I need help knowing where to start and if I can get a decent paying job to help me get my feet wet with certifications.

Please Help!!!!

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My thoughts.

by dbgirl In reply to Back to school for Certif ...

["My goal is to become a web developer."]

There are other options than what you have described here. I would suggest, from the options you mentioned, the 2 year degree. It is less expensive than the 4 year degree, and doesn't need to be constantly renewed like a cert.

I think a portfolio would work better than a degree or a cert. You can prove that you have the ability to do the work, and show off any design skills you might have. If you do go for a degree/cert, you should probably do a portfolio as well. See if you can get any freelance work. It will take some time, but it will add a lot to your portfolio and resume.

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Thanks for the thought

by nathka9 In reply to My thoughts.

I appreciate your input. How do you recommend that I build a portfolio. Meaning what should it consist of. I have networking exper.. and computer repair exp but how does that translate to a portfolio?

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Contents depend on desired result

by dbgirl In reply to Thanks for the thought

The contents of a portfolio depend on what you hope to gain. If you are wanting to get into web design, people are going to want to see what you can do. Starting with freelance work is about the best I can think of right now. You may want to start by designing a personal web page.

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Programming and business

by TheChas In reply to Back to school for Certif ...

Select 2 or more programing languages used for web development, and get an associates degree that includes both.

Take as many business courses as practical for your other electives.

The better you understand the business aspects, the better your chances for winning bids for web development contracts.


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by ghstinshll In reply to Back to school for Certif ...

Knowing that the first few posts are long-winded, I'll keep this short. In my eyes, you need to get the cert while going to school for a CS degree, and specialize in web devl or multimedia, etc... This will give you a broader skill set where you'll be able to utilize the web background, yet be more challenged in your career. The Inet+ and/or CIW will help you out along the way as wel. Pick up the HTML as quick as possible because there's more out there than just that, then see about getting your hands on Some Java materials and apps, get the SCJP. By the time all this is done you should be graduating and ready to start working. Try to get some side business for experience, though you'll allready have some from college projects anyway... This will get you done and ready to roll when you graduate. I'm a big believer that if I were to have had the perfect upbringing in IT then I would have had a CS degree with all my current certs when I graduated. I think other college students should follow that similar path of their own though for their benefit...

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Ghost Thanks For the Great Advice

by nathka9 In reply to Help

I appreciate the advice you gave. Especialy since you have experience in the IT field.You make a good point with the certs and degree.

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Back to school for Certification or Degree?

by vince9978 In reply to Ghost Thanks For the Grea ...

I concur with Ghost, a Degree should be back up with a certifications, and like wise a certifications should be back up with a degree.
I'm on the same wagon as you are, pursuing a AS degree on CS with certification along the side, and a full time job of totally the opposite of my degree and certifications. There at times when things get tough, but keep going stright and you will be there. (Good Luck).

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