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    Back Track V3 for XP Password


    by mamies ·

    I have recently downloaded a version of Backtrack in the belief that it is much similar to auditor.

    I have used auditor many times to recover passwords etc for the general manager and other people in these roles. These passwords are often forgotten because of security really being enforced here.

    I used to just use the commands below:

    “bkhive-linux /hard disk name/WINDOWS/system32/config/system syskey.txt”
    After BKHIVE was run then i used to run SAMDUMP2

    “samdump2-linux /hard disk name/WINDOWS/system32/config/SAM syskey.txt >password-hashes.txt”

    After this i just used John the ripper on the password hashes file and this presented me with the administrator password (Which was also changed to the users password for security. Personally a stupid policy).

    Although this doesnt seem to work with Backtrack 3 as i have installed it onto a USB stick for more portability and i plan to create a file to do this with just a click

    Any help is muchly appreciated

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      by mamies ·

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      And your point is what ?

      by older mycroft ·

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      You’ve deviated from an established path that works for you, onto a method that doesn’t work.

      So?… 😉

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        I would like to use my original path but…

        by mamies ·

        In reply to And your point is what ?

        Since this Auditor is on a CD i am unable to create a batch like file or at the very least a set of HOWTO’s on this disk.

        This is why i moved to a flash drive which will allow me to write to it. I know how to do this using commands but other users that may need to use this device may not.

        Should i just try to buy a larger Flash Drive or portable HDD and install Auditor onto their which i am not even sure is possible or should i go with what i know works and just figure out how to do so

        Thanks for your reply

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