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By pcash ·
I have Fiber Optics from one building to the next and want a backup device like a snap server to send and store my backups.
Reason: When I am not here the Servers with tape drives never get changed. I also have Other Servers that have separate hardd Drives installed for the backups, but I want a second source as I mentioned above (fire, fire).
What is the best suggestion or advice you can give me on this.
Or Is Tape still the best solution.


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by ghimpe-- In reply to Back up

"Or Is Tape still the best solution."

IIRC the price per Gb is almost the same in both tape drives and hard drives.

I would recomand using 200-250Gb external hard disk. Although i've never used tape i would tend to incline that external hard drives are easyer to install/mentain and are cheaper.

That's just my 0.2$ :)

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Back up

If the problem is that tapes do not get changed when you are not there an Auto Loader and Library would solve that issue but you would have to be away for a long time to exhaust that option. You would need to visit on a regular basis as well to change tapes so that you had a solid backup in the event of a fire which you are so worried about.

The down side with an Auto Loader and Library is the initial cost but if you are in a private business as apposed to a Public Government run place the tax benefits will be better for the IT budget and you will have the added security of not having to worry about others being able to read the tapes unless they have the same drive available to them.

With HDD external storage it is faster but has a few down sides as well HDD have been known to fail and loose all their data, if the Drive & enclosure gets stolen it is a simple matter to read the data and you have to be more far careful with the things as you can not drop them and you should be using the metal Caddies rather than the plastic ones as these help to cool the drive rather than allow it to heat up and not cool down.

It really depends on how much DATA you need to backup how often and if there are Privacy Issues concerned with the Data as to how you need to proceed. By the way you ask the question it seems that there is a fair amount of Data to backup and that it is done Automatically but the process is falling over because the Tapes are not getting changed, in this case a cheap alternative would be a large HDD in a USB caddy and Backup to that. But if there are privacy Issues concerned tape might be more secure and instead of a Auto Loader maybe a larger capacity Drive and Tape could be used really it all depends on what is required.

If you would like to Peer Mail me with a more detailed description of your setup and what type of Data it is that needs backing up I'll be able to better advise you of your options.


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by pcash In reply to

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by pcash In reply to Back up

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