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By wtesch ·
How do I back up all the data on my computor including xp set up drivers and all the programs i have on my machine. I want to back every thing to a dvd. I know i wll have to use at least 6 dvd`s. I would like to use norton ghost, so please can some one out there tell me how to do this back up, or if there is any other means of backing up all my data, from the start of installing windows to the very end of all my programs. please help contact

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by ReWrite In reply to Back up

I don't know about Norton Ghost but there is a program I use called Simply Safe Backup. There is a free version and a commercial version. I have used both and each of them do a great job. They both have the ability to backup to disk, tape, cd or dvd. Here's a link:



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by Poettone In reply to Back up

As stated there are programs that allow you to perform this action. Typically though you are not usually getting all data backed up, "if doing it while in windows" There are to many open files that can't be written to correctly.. Alot of backup programs fail in my opinion in this area..

Thats why any good imaging program will always do the image after rebooting cleanly..

I would recommend an imaging software.. Since I'm OLD..LOL and from the OLD school, I still use my very stable and reliable Disk Image Pro. When you say I want an image it makes an image in dos mode.

Now this is not to say that the aforementioned app won't work, but to me it will not do an exact copy like you seek..

I would use one of these programs which will allow you to create one huge file that you can use compression software then burn the image to dvd. Now Winzip will not go above a 2gb file so your out of luck there.. I would use WinRar, which allows you to span the image into managable chunks for burning to DVD.

You would be surprised after you compress your image.. how much smaller it is..

Good Luck,,

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by jdmercha In reply to Back up

You may want to consider a USB drive for your backup. You can find a 250GB USB drive for under $200.

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by squirrelgirl In reply to Back up

I recommend Dantz Retrospect Pro for backing up all files to a second HD ($$) and Driver Guide's Toolkit ( ) (free trial) to backup drivers just in case. To burn the Retrospect files to DVD use WinRAR or burn directly from Retrospect. It's always good to have 2 copies of any backup stored both locally and off-site, so consider both DVD and HD backup.

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by wlbowers In reply to Back up

The quickest safest back up is a second drive either as an internal, a usb or firewire external.

You can do a partition copy to the second drive. In case of primary drive failure the backup can be installed and boot directly to it.

Good Luck Lee

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