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    Back up (cont)


    by haylocks ·

    A huge thank you to everybody who contributed to my part of the Windows XP backup thread. A great deal of time and effort went into clarifying things for me, and I am very grateful indeed.

    I now have Cobian so will have to sit down and think about the precise strategy. I’ve certainly got the hardware resources to secure stuff (but that’s what I thought I had before :-((

    Now that I understand the implications of the difference between imaging and backing up I will indeed be splitting off the data from the system backup!

    Once again, thanks to everybody :-)))


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      This is getting very silly

      by haylocks ·

      In reply to Back up (cont)

      “Now that I understand the implications of the difference between imaging and backing up I will indeed be splitting off the data from the system backup!”

      Oh, no, I wont.

      “My Documents” is buried inside “Documents and Settings” and, although you can change its location, it doesn’t really work neatly. If you move the store to the root of C:\, the resulting tree is a total mess. If you have mirrored discs (as I now have)with a Ghost-ready partition (in my case 80Gb on tthe physical D: drive, not enough for me for an uncompressed Ghost image!), you’re using up Ghost space which is a bad idea.

      So, I tried moving the store to the root of C:\.

      Bad move. It looked so messy, I tried to revert and found I couldn’t.

      Then decided to use the Gost image from one hour earlier to restore everything to the way it was. Guess what? Ghost refused to restore inside a Windows session, and asked me to re-boot with the Ghost CD in the CD drive, after suggesting that I might want to set, via F2 (BIOS setup) the boot order.

      The boot process went straight to Windows, and I was back in a loop which would not let me restore from my mint Image.

      There are some four letter words I could use about this, but I wont, here.

      Suffice to say, I’ll dump Ghost as being unreliable, and use a true backup of my C: drive as a primary recovery vehicle of everythingon C: onto my D: drive, and do a straight copy of my data onto my new external USB 320Gb drive as a secondary source of data recovery.

      Some people have said “nothing’s perfect” in the back-up arena.

      WHY NOT? It cannot be rocket science.

      Any comments, please, gratefully received, bearing in mind KISS.

      Best regards to all my readers,


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        Simple and Cheap offsite backup

        by jeffykins ·

        In reply to This is getting very silly

        I’ve used a lot of backup approaches over the past 20 years. Now, I just use Mozy. It works, and doesn’t cost me a dime. They give you a small client app that wakes up every 2 hours or so and does an incremental backup to their servers. They give you 2 Gb+ free for personal use. More space or business use starts at $5 / month. It’s pretty easy to configure exactly what you want backed up. Do yourself a favor.

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