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Back up servers in a demilitarized zone

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Does your organization have servers in a DMZ? How do you back up the data? Tell us what you think about Mike Mullin's advice on backup solutions for DMZ servers, as featured in this week's Network Security e-newsletter. Then, please rate this columnfrom 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest.

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Lone Tar

by edelaurelle In reply to Back up servers in a demi ...

I have a dat drive on my Linux DMZ servers and use loneTar backup software. It makes a bootable floppy and a backup on DAT. If the harddrive crashes or you need to restore and patch after an attack you just put in the LoneTar DAT and boot to the floppy. It restores the system to the time you did the backup.

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DMZ backups (Omniback woes !)

by fintan.keeling In reply to Back up servers in a demi ...

Nice to know we're on the right track. The Unix administrators wanted to backup the DMZ servers to a tape library which is attached to a backup server on our internal network. I baulked at this and enquired as to how many open ports would be required. Using Omniback and talking to HP suggest that port 5555 is the only one required. However, this is only correct for the communication from the backup server to the client for initial contact. On the way back. Omniback chooses (wait for it), a random port. Yes, the advice was to open all ports. Given the scenario, described, this would entail opening all ports from a DMZ server to an internal server. Not likely. "next version" of omniback for specifying port or so we're promised by HP.
By the way, there a lot of servers other than Web servers possible in a DMZ for services other than web services which do reqire backup.

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