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    backbone cable type


    by edryd72 ·

    Can you use UTP type cable for a network backbone?

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      backbone cable type

      by davidmc ·

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      You could. Fiber will allow for more growth in the network though, so you should consider how much larger your network will grow and how quickly that growth will occur.

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      backbone cable type

      by timwalsh ·

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      There is nothing that says you can’t. However, you will have to work within the limitations of UTP, i.e.
      1. 100m cable segment length between network devices capable of retransmitting/amplifying data signals and/or end nodes.
      2. Subject to EMI (electro-magnetic interference), which will dictate where you can or can’t run backbone cabling.

      For these reasons (and the reasons mentioned in Answer 1), unless you have a very small backbone you wish to construct, you are usually better off with fiber.

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      backbone cable type

      by wlbowers ·

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      The question I have to ask is why. Do you have a closet full of utp cable and connectors that you need to use.

      You will have fewer headaches if you use cat-5

      Good Luck Lee

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