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Backburner on a Dual CPU System

By Albert Franco II ·
We have installed Backburner 2 (from 3D Studio Max) on a Dual Opteron Machine. The performance is less than expected. One instance with CPU affinity only uses a maximum of 52% of total CPU availability, while it uses 100% of one CPU when affinity is tied to either one of the two.

We want to explore using two instances of Backburner. One tied to CPU0 and the other tied to CPU1.

Has anyone done this? What are the exact steps we need to take to accomplish this?

Please don't waste my time saying it can't be done. I want to know what tricks we must use to trick the software into allowing two servers on the same machine. If you can't do it, please don't answer, if you can, then I have 10000 points for you!

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by ian.wessington In reply to Backburner on a Dual CPU ...

The only way I know to assign executibles to a single processor is to use imageCFG.exe. ImageCFG comes with the Windows 2000 Resource Kit. It ia an executable that only runs on NT based systems,(Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP Home, Windows XP Pro, Windows 2003 Server). It wont work on any Win9x
It is used to permanently assign a processor affinity mask to another executable on multiprocessor machines or computers with symmetric multi processing (SMP). To set it you go into the task manager when the application is launched, you right click on the process, click on Set Affinity and as quickly as possible uncheck CPU 1
When ImageCFG is applied to the applications executable it will set the affinity mask for you automatically when the application launches. ImageCFG can also do other useful things. For more information, after downloading ImageCFG, type in the console ImageCFG -?

As usual before you apply anything to an executable make a back up of the file.

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by Albert Franco II In reply to

If you read the post well, you'll find that I know how to set the affinity of the executable.

What I want to do is either have the one instance use 98% or more of BOTH processors or have two instances of the 3d Studio Backburner server running at the same time each attached to a different CPU.

Thanks for the try...

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by Albert Franco II In reply to Backburner on a Dual CPU ...

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