Backdoor virus in registry

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I tried to follow directions to rid my computer of a virus that is in my 'startup' and in my registry. All i did was 'uncheck' the file in msconfig startup. Now, when I boot my computer it automatically (quickly) restarts, stating that i changed the startup files. My computer, a Dell Inspiron desktop, does not give the option of F8 to get to Safe Mode... I don't know what to do at the c: prompt (when I can get there). How do I get to Safe Mode? or someplace where I can remove the registry entries with this virus?!

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by seanferd In reply to Backdoor virus in registr ...

You want to press F12. It should say on the BIOS boot screen which key you want, but it should be F12.

The problem is that you've disabled a rootkit that Windows now thinks it needs to boot, as it has attached itself to Winlogon.

While cleaning out the system, disconnect from any network. Do not use any USB flash drives that you have had in the computer since it has become infected- they are probably infected, and will infect anything they are plugged into.

Download and run the free version of this
in safe mode several times, until the infection is cleared. If you can't install it due to the malware, rename the installation file. Once installed, rename the executable file as well, so the virus does not know it is there.

If there are problems that it identifies, but cannot remove, please post back. Make note of the infections names, as they will help us to remove said infections.

You can also search this forum for "malware", as there are many comprehensive solutions offered.

See this post, for example:

Jacky Howe and OH Smeg, in particular, are good at offering advice on which tools to use, and how to use them. I used to post long lists of tools, but I believe they were too confusing, and MBAM seems to take care of a lot of problems these days.

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