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Background Check

By plantogo2000 ·
Need answer from two different pespectives.
1. Potential employee with very bad financial status. Business failure, not filing for bankruptcy, high credit card debt unpayable including back taxes, etc. How handle with potential employer who without knowing financial position is very interested in hiring individual.
2. Potential hiring company interested in hiring individual and half way through interview process learns of bad financial credit history. Should company drop the interviewee immediately and what is the best way to do it.

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Background Check

by Al Hedstrom In reply to Background Check

The very reason an employer conducts background investigations is to uncover such information. If the information was legally obtained through public information sources, the employer's liability is minimized.

Once the information is obtained, the employer balances the needs of the company versus the potential problems the employee may bring to the company. If the personal finances of that person are irrelevant to the business function and the qualifications for the position are a good fit, hire. If the company's business standing and reputation require employees whose personal life is above reproach - such as a position of high responsibility, creative proprietary work, banking, government contractor, law, etc. - drop him like a hotpotato. He may be a target for bribery/extortion.

Generally, the potential employee that you describe in your first paragraph will cause more grief and administrative burden ("high maintenance employee") to a company than most employers can stand.

Good luck.


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Background Check

by plantogo2000 In reply to Background Check

What should the person do. Had an excellent financial protfolio till make wrong business investment and is looking to get job of dreams.

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