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By stargate1121 ·
I have a problem and am not sure what the solution is. I just noticed that my list of background pictures are gone off the display properties. the only picture is the one that is on the computer now. would like to have them back. also when I go into browse and go to my background pictures and click on a picture it won't come up on the display.
hope someone can help me.

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Re: Background pictures

When you go into "browse" and select any picture do you right click and then select "set as desktop background"?, select the picture you want and it will be listed, some times the list does loose the link to your pictures but as long as you have not deleted any you can get them back by doing as i have listed in this post. I do not know how (my memory has gone blank at the moment) to do multiple listing of pictures just yet. I hope this helps you.

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problem with background picture

by stargate1121 In reply to Re: Background pictures

I did that and the background pictue was on the list but nothing else and it didn't stay there. it disappeared as soon as I choose another picture.

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Re: Problem with background picture

Ok i found a way for you to save your "background picture(s)".
1. Right click onto any picture you would like to show as a "desktop background" picture and select "set as desktop background".

2. Right click on a empty space on your desktop and select "properties", select "Themes" (you should see a copy of your picture behind the "active window" box), click on the "save as" button, select any name you want in the "save as" window box, and save this in your "my documents" folder. Repeat this proccess for any (or all) of your pictures so when you want to change the picture background all you do is select "themes" and then select your type (or name) of theme and it will change your background picture for you. I hope this is of any help to you.

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