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    Backing up and Restoring Windows 10 apps

    by hotshot2472010 ·


    hey, I switched out my hard drive for an ssd and installed windows 10 onto it and i have my windows apps on another hard drive, gears of war 5 specifically that i don’t want to redownload again. i see the game on my hard drive but i can’t figure out how to restore it so i can play it. i try to click on install in the store thinking that it will be like steam and find the files but no, it doesn’t. i even gave up and tried to delete the files to redownload it but it won’t even let me delete the game files from the hard drive. i’m at a loss here. does anybody know how i can get this game reinstalled without having to redownload the whole game again? thanks in advance for the help!

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      Let’s see if anyone has tackled this for Gears Of War 5.

      by rproffitt ·

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      Bad news: “Basically, everything is encrypted now. You can’t even copy the game files or do anything unless you break the encryption along with the game. You used to be able to copy files elsewhere (I copied Forza 6 Apex to another PC fine back when it launched) and the encryption breaks being able to move games to other drives entirely (at least with Halo 5) so I have no idea what Microsoft were thinking” which applies to GOW 5 as well.

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      Re: game

      by kees_b ·

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      Yes, apps from the Windows Store are notoriously difficult to handle.

      Your choices:
      (1) download again
      (2) clone the harddisk it’s on onto your SSD overwriting your new install of Windows

      Solution 2 is the common thing done when replacing a hard disk by an SSD.

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        by hotshot2472010 ·

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        Yea, i was going to clone the hdd but I decided to start over a clean slate but I guess that wasn’t a good idea, lol thanks for your help! You’d think that Microsoft would fix the issues with their store if they want to keep selling their games but I guess not

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