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    backing up data on external usb HDD


    by dodemba ·

    I have a shared drive on my network.The drive is mounted on a gentoo linux server.I now want to back up the content of the shared drive on to an external 80gb usb HDD.I have about 42 GB of data to backup but the drive will only take upto 4GB and stop with a failure error indicating that there insufficient space. On searching i did find out that it cannot backup more than 4gb because it formatted in FAT 32 filesystem.

    I tried 3 times but getting the same result each time.And I’m reluctant (in fact i do not want to change NTFS).Can someone give me a solution.Even if it means backing up from my Gentoo server .I’ll appreciate if clear steps are given in case of Linux

    I am trying to backup from XP box.And remember I also have win98SE boxes on my LAN


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      by dodemba ·

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      Since the external 80 GB drive is …

      by statykserver ·

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      going to be used as the storage for the server backup then why not format the usb drive as ext3 filesystem? I would think that would be ok since it is to be used as a backup medium for your Gentoo server.

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        backing on usb external drive

        by dodemba ·

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        thanks statykserver for the tip. I will eventually have to do that.
        I formatted the disk in ntfs, cleaned the files in the shared drive which were infected using AVG, ran a new backup and all was well.I did this from my XP machine. And I forgot to mention that I had to go to the mail server to modify permissions (making myself a member of the admin and some directories with restricted access)

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