Backing up multiple workstations.

By mrsneakyz28 ·
I have a client that has a server and 9 workstations. He wants to backup the workstations, and he said the previous tech suggested a 2tb external HD and 5 licenses of acronis true image. Now I'm trying to determine the best route for this because that doesn't really seem like it is.

Acronis currently has a promotion with seagate where you can upgrade the free backup software that ships with seagate externals to True Image 2011 for $29.99. If I did this couldn't I just make a boot disk to use on all the workstations, a separate license is not required per computer is it? Also can I schedule the backups across the network so I don't have to manually move the HD between desktops?
Also Acronis has the Adanced Workstation Backup 10 program for $99. Would this be a better option? If so, why?

My other thought was to set up a RAID array on the server and run the backups from there, which I would think would be the most efficient way to do this.

Thoughts and suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.

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What OS? What about native backup?

by TobiF In reply to Backing up multiple works ...

What OS on the workstations? Do you really need additional software to get a decent backup?

(I simply don't know. I'm aware that the settings for Win7 Backup are a bit, hmm, unfriendly, but maybe the generic stuff is enough?

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Xp pro

by mrsneakyz28 In reply to What OS? What about nativ ...

Well they are using xp professional. I believe those programs offer more security, customizable backup options, and restore lost data faster. I don't use them at home but I find most business owners prefer to have some type of software package. I don't understand why the previous tech suggested 5 licenses though.

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The reason I asked

by TobiF In reply to Xp pro

In your initial question, your were talking about using one boot-disk to serve several workstations.
While this may save you some tens of dollars on licenses, you'll get a solution that will need a lot of attention every time backups are run.
In that case, the native solutions may be even a bit cheaper, but will, at least, allow the backup to be scheduled and automatic.

However, for a (although small) corporate setting, you will need a solution that supports centralized handling and automation. And then you probably are looking at one license for each workstation (depending on licensing structure, of course).
If there is any chance that the company will grow, check if it would be beneficial to immediately get a slightly bigger license.

Oh, and browse some decent software site. I noted tons of backup software on download dot com, for instance. I'm quite sure that one can find decent solutions there.

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What is the reason for backup?

by neilb@uk In reply to Backing up multiple works ...

To let you rebuild the workstations or to let you restore users lost or corrupted data?

If it's the second of those, then my first advice would be to convert the client's site to an environment where all user data is stored on the server.

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Both I believe

by mrsneakyz28 In reply to What is the reason for ba ...

Well for one, he said they had drives failing in the past and they needed to be back up and running quickly, rather than waiting for new OS to install. I would assume they wanted to back up their user data too, but your right about storing that on the server. I'm going back in tomorrow to install some RAM and upgrade Quickbooks, so I will inquire further about that. Thanks.

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