Backloading Win XP on a Vista Laptop

By chetpray ·
Is there any way to change the BIOS so that Win XP SP2 can be on a nw HP laptop?

I have a HP dv9000t which came with Vista preloaded and a "recovery ****" I have tried to backload Win SP2 and it scrambled the machine, and the "recovery disc" wouldn't restore the machine. HP is sending a new "recovery" disc, and declares that XP will not run on my machine and I would void the warranty if I did manage to change something so that XP would work.

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Well XP shouldn't hurt the machine

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Backloading Win XP on a V ...

But HP is probably right in that they have reached an agreement with M$ not to support XP any more and are only selling versions of Vista.

To install XP on the computer you need a wiping utility that will erase the HDD and an OEM Copy of XP to install from. After you get XP installed you'll have to hunt around for drivers as the Vista Ones will not work with XP but provided that you've made a note of the hardware involved that shouldn't be much of a problem.

However if you are trying to use a Recovery Disc to install XP forget all about it as there are simply not the available drivers on it that are necessary for the NB as every Recovery CD is Slipstreamed with just the drivers required for the hardware that it was made for and nothing more. So it will be impossible to install XP with one of these.

You should be able to get Vista Working again by wiping the HDD and using the Recovery CD/DVD so use Boot & Nuke available here

And then use your recovery Disc to reinstall Vista or you can use that OEM CD to install XP.


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XP just won't start ... no disk drivers

by chetpray In reply to Well XP shouldn't hurt th ...

XP won't start, so it can't hurt the machine. The "recovery" disk" is HPs euphremism for a back up copy of Vista. I tried to load a 2003 copy of Win XP with sp2, and it stopped the installation with a blue screen notice of "no hard disk drives available". I think it would be hard to load any drivers if the OS doesn't recognize the hard drives. The copy of Win XP I am using is one that I used to replace Win 98.

HP has agreed that a change in BIOS in needed, but won't provide it.

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Not at all you have a SATA HDD

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to XP just won't start ... n ...

And need to install the Drivers for it when you hit the first Blue Screen on the XP Setup as you are prompted to press the F6 key to add addition drivers which could make life a bit hard as you probably don't have an available Floppy in this NB which you would need to have the SATA Drivers copied to the root of.

However if you install Vista as the primary OS on a Partition and leave enough space you should then be able to install XP as a secondary OS on the unused space on the HDD.


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That answer is a winner

by chetpray In reply to Not at all you have a SA ...

Now to see if I can do what you proposed

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Well if this is any help

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to That answer is a winner

I have Vista Enterprise running on a 20 GIG Partition well the 32 Bit version and the remaining Space is split into another 2 partitions another 20 Gig Partition with the 64 Bit same Version of Vista and the remaining part of the 100 GIG NB HDD is using XP Pro.

As both Vista Installs are just for testing purposes they work OK and XP runs well on the about 60 GIG that is left to it. I'm not sure how well either of the Vista Installs would run if they where the primary OS but they do seem to work though I'm still unwilling to collect E-Mail with either of them but everything else that is so far available for Vista seems to work OK.


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