backround noise?

By barkly54 ·
i have a problem i recorded three 20 minute clips from my dvd player to my tv tunner card on my computer. i burned it to dvd-r. but when my doughter played it in her dvd player she said it had very loud backround noise. i played it on my computer and it sound like the motor noise from the dvd player. how can i copy it and get rid of the backround noise?
is there a software that can be used to remake the dvd and erase the backround noise need help? i heard about digital recording but dont know anything about the process

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check your cables and connections

by robo_dev In reply to backround noise?

is it more a hiss or a hum?

make sure your cables are not running near power cables.

You should capture the DVD video on the DVD drive of your PC, copy it to your hard drive,then burn it to DVD-R media on your PC.

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thank you for the advise

by barkly54 In reply to check your cables and con ...

but i dont have the second dvd to record the clip from. in stuck with the finish noise copy. i woundered is somebody knew of a program that could delete or erase the backround noise?

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See if this helps

by DadsPad In reply to thank you for the advise

I found this on tech republic:


If you can get access to the original source, it is easier to eliminate noise.

Good luck.

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no i can't get the orginal product

by barkly54 In reply to See if this helps

i only have the recorded dvd with the backround noise on it. i just want to recopy it and delete out the backround noise all together

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