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Backspace key issue

By BigAbe ·
I have a user that accesses an internal web based application Mercury QC 9.0. The program requires ActiveX to be activated, then placing curser focus in the field to be edited works fine, but if they are required to backspace for typing errors, IE will go back to the previous webpage in history. Out of 20 users, there is only the one that experiences this issue and only with the Mercury app.

Some steps already done:
-clear all the cache and tmp files.
-Virus scan, spyware
-verified all IE settings and ActiveX controls with a PC that works correctly
-Searched the internet, Google, Ask, MS, etc... btw returns results for cause being code related.
-Mercury support is not sure what to do.

OS and Laptop Details:
IE 6.0 SP2

Has anyone experienced this or a similar issue or have suggestions to try?


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Backspace key issue

Not something that I've seen previously but what's the difference between this unit and the others in either Software Load or Hardware Specs?

I would first be looking at the Software Load as the IBM Think Pads tend to be very good so I would imagine that you have a software conflict occurring somewhere along the line.


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by BigAbe In reply to Backspace key issue

I had the user set the IE Homepage to the Mercury QC logon page. This make the backspace key not work at all.

In reference to HAL9000:
The software loads of all our computers are from one standard image. Although this user does has administrator privileges, so software conflict could be the cause. I will continue to look further into installed applications.

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by Snak In reply to Backspace key issue

I'm not familiar with Mercury QC, but the backspace key does mimic the 'back' button when the current IE window gets the focus. You can try this by clicking in the title bar of IE and then pressing backspace (if this instance has a history of course).

Could your app be assigning the focus to the IE window rather than a control in it?

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by BigAbe In reply to Backspace key issue

After many hours of troubleshooting I finally ended up repairing using and XPSP2 disk. It is now working. Unfortuenately, I do not know what caused the problem, but I suspect the MS Security Patch **2945.

Thanks for everyones help!

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