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By MorpheusHK ·
Call me an amateur, but in the backup scenario, I am kinda weak and I beg your assistance. We have 2 Domain Controllers (Windows 2000)for 2 different Domains. I did not have an Additional DC for neither networks, coz of management issues, (the dreaded problem of every Tech Support Guy). I used to take backup (using NT Backup) of the DCs, including system state.

As my luck would have it, the DC crashed. I tried to restore it from my backup. But for some strange reason, I was unable to restore the AD from the backup. I had to re-create the entire user list and computer accounts.

Can someone please shed some light on the proper backup procedure, so that I (probably someone else too) dont face this issue in the future?

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by ccthompson In reply to Backup????

Go with a good backup solution, depending on the size of you business, go get some tape drive, or whatever, and go out and buy veritas, it enables you to backup AD and the system state, which is very important, as well as a variety of other features.

Windows backup is ok for the home user, but I would never think of using it on a network.

Hope this helps you out!

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Check MS web site

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Backup????

Check the Knowledge Base on Microsoft's web site. I know there are specific steps you have to take to back up AD without using third-party tools.

Having said that, ccthompson is right. It's easier with Veritas Backup Exec. On the other hand, if management won't pay for another domain controller, they probably won't spring for BE either.

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Well said..

by MorpheusHK In reply to Check MS web site

Thanks Palmetto... i have already checked out the Microsoft site for AD Backup!

I tried the option of Veritas Backup... but the management is not willing to spend that extra buck... they want to deal with the current scenario. Bugged with the ways of life here... Grrr!

Microsoft recommended steps are easy for a hardcore techie guy... I want to implement a process which is fool-proof. (more from my personal knowledge point of view)

I wish I could find easier ways to backup the AD...

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Management again

by kevin203 In reply to Backup????

Sometimes its a big problem for IT person also when we want an IT stucture way but been interrupt by cost...

Its a big challenge for us to fight for best perfomance in lower cost

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Correct way to backup

by kevin203 In reply to Backup????

Dear All IT Pro,

I was scratching my head a few month just to arrange a backup schedule that always fail me.

I backup database for a few software and application for my company as below:

Monday - Differential backup with media name "MON-DIFF"
Tuesday - Differential backup with media name "TUES-DIFF"
Wed - Differential backup with media name "WED-DIFF"
Thursday - Differential backup with media name "THURS-DIFF"
Firday - Full backup with media name "FRI-FULL"

All media tape is seperated media with their own jobname. I am using HP DDS3 tape and HP Surestore DAT 24.

Is it the correct way to schedule the backup?

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Correct way to back up

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Correct way to backup

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If the area is clear, depress the brake pedal and place the vehicle in "Reverse"

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Looking over your right shoulder (if the steering wheel is on the left of the car), slowly remove your foot from the brake pedal and allow the vehicle to move.

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