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    Backup a portable drive not connected to computer


    by melbiker ·

    I have been tirelessly converting 40 years of movies,vhs, and digital tapes of my family to digital files and storing them on a portable drive. I want to create redundant files to ensure their longevity, which means a lot of data. I currently have Carbonite for my computer, but I don’t want to leave them there taking up needed space. Any ideas for an online storage for free that will not erase my files over time?

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      by melbiker ·

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      Just the obvious

      by oh smeg ·

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      The moment you move to anything on line you loose control of your data.

      Be that Home Movies which are then dependant of the Cloud Providers Backup Plan which may not be all that you believe it is to what happens to your Data if that Cloud Provider goes broke?

      There is also the possibility that in the event of the Cloud Provider going broke that your precious files may be sold to another who then may get Copyright over your data and you have to pay to use it or even share pictures with members of your family. Is that what you want?

      With the cost of HDD’s these days even several 2 TB Drives can be got cheaply and stored in a safe place outside of your home which at the very least allows you to retain control of your own personal files. Even if you went tot he Cloud with no issues and the Cloud Provider was in a solid finical position and was the one buying out others there are no galantines that they will actually do as their Marketing Model Claims, remember that these marketing claims are not Promises so you need to be very careful. Places like Facebook which are free also own whatever is loaded to them and the likelihood is that this is the way that most Cloud Providers will want to go as well so they have open reign to do as they please with your data and you have given them permission to do this by using their services. And even then you have no Guarantee that they will Backup your Data in any more than the 1 location which can be affected by adverse weather events or worse. After all would you be pleased if your chosen Cloud Provider only Data Centre was at the base of Mt St Helens and the next time it erupted your data was totally and unrecoverably lost?

      I’m guessing not but unfortanlyt no matter what the marketing claims are there is no guarantee that something similar will not happen or worse someone finds your Home Movies interesting and buys the rights to them from the Cloud Provider who then removes them from their site and bans you from even viewing them ever again without paying Royalties tot he new owner.


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      Agree With Oh Smeg

      by markp24 ·

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      Hi I agree with everythin in his post. I personally bought two 2 terabye hard drives that i rotate between my safe depost box at the bank, so I endup with all my phtotos, movies and data in triplicate, not counting I use my family members a s a backup as well for photos,( I usually send the important ones to them)

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