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Backup Checking Process

By rrlogic ·
Need some insite on some sort of checks and balances to make sure a good backup is getting done on a regular basis without having to check server everyday any ideas. Thanks

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It would help if you where to give some

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Backup Checking Process

Information about what you are doing and not just a bland statement that you need help.

Without knowing any more the obvious thing is to look at the backup media that you are using and how it is supposed to be performed. I can still remember having to recover data from a dead HDD that was supposedly backed up every day by the security guy onto tape. He did as he was told and dumped a tape in the drive pushed the right buttons and then walked away. Unfortunately the tape drive only ran for 30 seconds and this wasn't picked up until the server broke 6 months latter so they had no backups but had regularly stored the tapes properly for all this time.

Incidental this would be better placed in the Q & A Section as that way you will get automated e-mails whenever anyone replies and most likely get someone within you're time zone's help.


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