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By kiran.maan ·
I have been using HP LTO II and now started giving problem. I want to replace .

Kindly suggest... Can we consider eSATA HDD ?

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RE:- Can we consider eSATA HDD ?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Backup device

Depends on your Hardware here. If you have the ability to use ESATA it's fine but if the Hardware doesn't support the ESATA Option you'll need to be adding bits and pieces to it if that is possible.

External Serial ATA is faster than USB2 much faster but even still USB is much faster than Tape in both the actual total recording Time and access times to Individual Data Blocks.

As to if you can use ESATA if your Hardware supports that option it's fine if it doesn't but you have the ability to add the necessary hardware it's fine, however if you do not have the ability to add the necessary Hardware it's not suitable.

Just how big is the Backup required here? Several Hundred Meg, Several Hundred Gig or a couple or Terrabytes?

Also with Backup Drive Enclosures I prefer Actively Cooled Enclosures that you stick your own drives into like the Antec MX1 as it prevents the Drive from Overheating and provides better Vibrational Protection than the cheap small enclosures available. It also supports up to 2 TB Drives and is fairly portable with it's own regulated Power Supply. Beats the hell out of a Off The Shelf External Drive sold in a big Chain Store or small Computer Shop. The MX1 Enclosure also supports USB2 & ESATA Interfaces.


But just the same if your Hardware supports and has a SATA Connector on the M'Board free you could go to one of the Internal SATA Devices and use a Caddy like the one here


It all depends on what you want to use Tape as a ESATA Type Drive or a External HDD with an ESATA Connection.

Both will cost about the same initially but depending on the size of the Backup Required a HDD may even work out cheaper than Tape to buy without taking into account the speed of the Backup.


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