Backup domain controller, clustering and.... the everything else

By XnavyDK ·
I lost my DC yesterday due to a dimm failure on the SCSI controller. of course the part is nowhere to be found locally. So I have been thinking of ways to make sure this does not happen again. Aside from buying a spare DIMM... I know clustering is a way of joining all the same servers together so that they they are all the same clones of each other. what I would like to do is make a BDC the is a clone on the PDC. I know it can be done, its the how that eludes me. Everything Ive read so far, talks about WHY clustering is good, but now HOW to... I think I will have to change OS from 03 std to 03 ent which supports clustering and cluster them. still is there really a need to have a bdc? I have backups systems in place, but those did not help in the instance that the DC when down due to hardware failure. Its really frustrating, since I arrived here its been a battle getting everything running the way its supposed to and a simple memory chip throws a huge wrench in the gears...

any suggestions for higher availability would be helpful. we are getting ready to buy a server to mirror the one we have, its just the doing the mirroring will be the issue for me.

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OK I think you are asking for 2 different things here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Backup domain controller, ...

First a Cluster is a group of Computers which do the same job in what is effectively the same location. You do not create a Cluster on the PDC and another Cluster as the BDC though it is possible it's just a waste of money.

What you need to do here to overcome Hardware Failure is to either have a Cluster or a Backup Domain Controller not both. Any DR Procedure that doesn't cover Hardware Failure is only any good to salvage Data not to keep the place running after something happens. Making of Backup's is only part of a DR Plan not the complete Plan.

These may be what you are looking for here though


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Your absolutly correct

by XnavyDK In reply to OK I think you are asking ...

I was in Damage Control mode. SO my post is sort of confusing. I am less flustered now. I got it back up and running.

So. we have decided to get an additional server to cluster with the DC an exact duplicate of the other machine. What is the real difference between clustering and mirroring? I may have this question answered soon the more I read but there it is.

what I have read so far they appear to be generally the same.

thank you for the refs.

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the difference

by ---TK--- In reply to Your absolutly correct

A cluster, when one server goes down it sends a heart beat to the second server and the second server takes over, also inherits the same IP address.

A mirror, is used to speed things up. Its two servers acting like one. On high volume servers this will help take the workload off the main server. Load balancing would be a better explanation.

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So, mirroring is kinda what we want then

by XnavyDK In reply to the difference

performance and fail over is what we are targeting. I think mirroring is probably what we will end up doing. ya now i get to learn HOW instead of what. with the cluster, doesnt it seem a waste to have a box sitting there idle waiting for something to happen?

I would think most people would mirror performance wise.

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Don't think of clustering Domain Controllers

by neilb@uk In reply to Backup domain controller, ...

You can run your Domain Controller on a clustered node but the other node in a two-node cluster has to be a DC as well. And you still won't get the fail-over of the DC services.

The only reason EVER to put a DC on a cluster node is if, say, you have Exchange or SQL running on the hardware and you want to cluster that and don't have any more hardware.

Just have a BDC with DHCP on standby, DNS running as a secondary DNS server and configured as a DNS server for all of your workstations. Oh, and also have it configured as a Global Catalogue server. That last one is NOT a default of a BDC installation and is very important!

If your PDC goes down, you should be OK with a few minor changes. If it goes down forever then you move all of the FMSO roles over to the BDC and build a new server.

Neil :)

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