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    Backup & DR Solutions


    by ttosun ·

    We are currently in the market for a backup/DR solution. Our current system is grossly outdated and can no longer handle the growth of our organization.

    Although I am doing my own research on the matter, I would appreciate your ideas/experiences with the solutions you are currently using or looking into.

    Ultimately, I am moreso interested in a disk solution rather than tape.

    I realize we can write books discussing these solutions but if you could provide me with a brief description and maybe some quick pros/cons about your current solution in place or any future prospects you have been looking into.


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      A few questions

      by jmgarvin ·

      In reply to Backup & DR Solutions

      A) How much do you need to backup?
      B) What do you need to backup?
      C) How often do you need to backup?
      D) Can you do differential or incremental as well as full backups?

      I would suggest and external USB hdd or DVD, but it is really dependent on what you are trying to backup and how much of it there is.

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        Currently, not much.

        by ttosun ·

        In reply to A few questions

        We’re really not backing up that much currently but we are in the process of implementing a few solutions which will require SQL DB’s and will grow very quickly. Another issue we have is HIPAA compliancy. We are a health care organization and have patient records to be considerate of. We would need to backup everyday. With the new solutions coming into place soon, we want to be prepared for extremely rapid growth within at least the first two years after which point things might plateau for a while. After this projected growth period, backing up to tape would simply not be feasable(at least not for us).

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          HIPAA can cause a problem

          by jmgarvin ·

          In reply to Currently, not much.

          I know some folks here know more than I do, but HIPAA has distinct guidelines for backups.

          So you need to plan for growth and plan for good backups.

          I think probably burning to DVD and having external HDDs for backups will work, but I’m not sure HIPPA allows that.

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      Kind of a home-brewed solution

      by tonythetiger ·

      In reply to Backup & DR Solutions

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      I have a solution for you

      by harith ·

      In reply to Backup & DR Solutions

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