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Backup Exec 8.5 Netware - catalog a tape

By Andrew-NC ·
Backup Exec for Netware 8.5
I have a single tape cassette I want to catalog. from server console -Backup Exec Client- it catalogs the tape for 5 mins. then says please insert tape number 2 with tape ID bb34d002. I don't HAVE a tape 2 with ID bb34d002. The only tape I have with ID bb34d002 is the one I am trying to catalog. Is what ever is on this tape has a backup session split over 2 tapes?
I only have one tape with this ID - it's the one i am trying to catalog. I have 10 tape cartidges and have put all them one at a time ( 20/40 DAT), but it still says Insert tape 2 with ID bb34d002.
All the other tapes have other ID's. The only option is to cancel and then the catalog aborts and does not list what's on the tape. How do I figure out what it on this tape?
I have tried both yes and no to USE ON TAPE CATALOG? and yes and no to CATALOG UNCATALOGED ITEMS?

Any Help would be appreciated.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Backup Exec 8.5 Netware - ...

I thin kwith BUExec, you need enough space on the tape for the catalogue to index the entries. You MAY have a tape that is almost full and therefore index is unavailable.??

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by Oz_Media In reply to

Try Rewinding the tape, it may have split the backup at the end of the tape and rewound to continue.

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by luis_a_delgado In reply to Backup Exec 8.5 Netware - ...

You might try veritas support knowledgebase. It has a lot of articles that you can use to try to figure out this.

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by john.keddy In reply to Backup Exec 8.5 Netware - ...

Look at your previous backup tapes in backup exec job options. This will show you the id#. I think you might have mixed the tapes up. Good Luck

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by Q2Ggirl In reply to Backup Exec 8.5 Netware - ...

I would check to make sure you are using compression. If the tape drive has compression, make sure it is set on the drive.

If you want to check the settings, under Job Manager, Select option-O\Partition Mgmt\Define maintain partition\Press Enter\Advaced Options\(don't forget to select F2 if you make changes).

This will make sure you are using the tape to the max, example 12/24GB.

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