Backup Exec job rate suddenly slow

By jax3109 ·
Hi all, yesterday I updated the veritas tape drivers to try and correct an issue where the server would occasionly loose contact with the robotic library. but now the job rate has been cut in half. i am trying to determine if this is just a fluke or if the driver update caused it. i have seen in the past the occasionally the job rates will fluctuate. so this is either just a coincidence or the driver update did something. any helpful hints or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Rollback the driver and see if the througput increases

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Backup Exec job rate sudd ...

Also, before you rollback the driver, check to make sure that the new driver didn't change any of your NIC speed/duplex setting, as this could cause a link negotiation problem between the server and the switch. Sounds like the driver is the culprit and the only sure way to tell would be to roll back to the way it was and benchmark the difference in performance.

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re:Backup Exec job rate suddenly slow

by steven.balderrama In reply to Backup Exec job rate sudd ...

Can you tell me please what update did you do, or what hotfix did you install when this happened? i am also experiencing the same problem and Symantec is no help at all, email or post back to tell me the hotfix you installed before this happened, and let me know the results when you rolled back to see if that fixed your problem. My job rate use to be 1300mb, now it dropped down to 500mb, boss is pretty upset.

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Experiencing same issue - Backup Exec job rate suddenly slow

by larry.v In reply to re:Backup Exec job rate s ...

We are using BackupExec 10d on a Windows Server 2003. On January 9th, we were experiencing 1,500mb job rate. On January 10th, the job rate suddenly dropped to 680mb. Error logs are clean, BackupExec has been patched, Robotic drivers are updated, tried new tapes, turned of AOFO, called Symantec and they said to "live with it".
Any help would be appreciative.

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Try power off and power on tape drive

by jj362321 In reply to Experiencing same issue - ...

We are using 11d with HP LTO-1 external tape drive. The job rate was close to 580MB/min in the beginning, then it dropped to 270MB/min several months after. I did these:
1) upgrade driver
2) defrag server hard drive
3) promote job priority to HIGH

It did not make any progress. However, after I powered off and powered on the tape drive (it is external one with SCSI connection), the job rate returned to 580MB/min.

If you have similar case, try it. Good luck.

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