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Backup Exec won't see snap server

By collins_ms ·
I'm running netware 4.11 with intranetware and groupwise 5.2. A consultant installed a 20 gig snap server last march and I was able to back it up using backup exec for netware 8.5. I recently installed a 30 gig snap server but backup exec can't see it. Additionally, I reset the first snap server and since then, that can't be see by backup exec either. It initially was listec as a 3.12 server. I suspect that bindary emulation was used to intall the first server. But what I've read so far dosen't really tell me how to do it for a snap server device. Any suggestions! Any comments or dircetion would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!!!

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Backup Exec won't see snap server

by Shanghai Sam In reply to Backup Exec won't see sna ...

Yours is a tricky situation... similar to the old joke: "How do porcupines make love? Very Carefully..." :-)

You are correct in assuming that the Snap units talk bindery mode only. This implies that both bindery mode and IPX are still enabled onthe 4.11 servers. I will assume that you and your users can "see" the Snap Servers i.e. read AND write to the Snap drive volumes.

First, if memory serves me correctly, default Snap volume rights are R/W, but may have been restricted by the consultant at a group level. Even if I've got this wrong, the end result is the same: check for the presence/absence of group(s)-based access to the drives, and (if applicable) that the user account that you use to operate Backup Exec is part of that group.

Finally, one final quirk: By default, I believe there are no user connection limits imposed on the Snap drives (unlimited users may connect, if members of group Everyone, for example) - but your Backup Exec licensing may be limited to (say) 100 users - and the drives will be rejected by the backup software licensing daemon... rendering them invisible to the backup engine.

Hope this helps.... Ross

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Backup Exec won't see snap server

by collins_ms In reply to Backup Exec won't see sna ...

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Backup Exec won't see snap server

by lynbor In reply to Backup Exec won't see sna ...

In my experience with Backup Exec for Netware; in order to backup more than one Novell server, you must first have the "Multi-Server" version of BE. Secondly, There is a "remote server" version of BE.NLM that must be loaded on the other server in order for BE to establish a connection for performing the backup and doing "open file" backups. Since the SNAP server is really only Pretending to be a server and you can't actually load any NLMs on it, I don't think you are going to make it work with a server based version of BE.
Also, I'm thinking that version 8.5 is an NDS Only version of BE. For bindery servers you may have to revert to an older version of BE. (check with Veritas on that one) But I think the real problem is the inability to install the BE component on the snap server. A work around might be to backup it up through a workstation. Create a drive mapping to the Snap server on a workstation, then maybe you can use the workstation backup to access the Snap drive.
Last resort is to buy an inexpensive workstation based backup drive and software and use that to backup your Snap server, since workstation based solutions typically don't require any server software modules to be installed, most just have to be able to see the drive.

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