Backup files and folders on Vista, restore on XP

By tenille ·
I was working on Vista on my other laptop and sadly the computer decided to die. However I had done regular back ups on my External HDD, I am now using my old laptop and need to try and get access to the files and folders that were backed up on this.

I can't use the transfer wizard because it says i need to do something on my other computer which can't be done as it's dead.

I can see the back up files on the HDD but how do I actually get them off there and onto this current laptop?

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Well this depends on what was used to backup the files

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Backup files and folders ...

And what they actually are. The Windows Mail Files used in Vista are not transferable to the XP Platform as XP doesn't support this application.

If you used a Windows Vista Application to do the backup you may have wasted your time as it may not be backward computable with XP. You really need to give specific Details here of what you have done so we can try to help you fix the current issues.


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Specific Details

by tenille In reply to Well this depends on what ...

Well you've answered my question, I used the standard back up program in vista so it's not going to work. This is unfortunate.

What would you recommend as a good back up software to use?

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Well I suppose you could use another computer loaded with Vista

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Specific Details

That way you can recover most of your Data at least.

As for Backup solutions this really depends on who and what it is being used for. For places without a DR Plan in place I just recommend to copy the straight Files to some external Media as that way there is never a problem with recovery when new platforms are used.

I still have a very vivid memory of one place that encrypted all of their Files and religiously backed up and then when they replaced all of their hardware with new stuff they suddenly found that the Encryption Method was no longer supported or the Backup Method. They employed me for 3 weeks to recover all of their data which would have been a 3 hour job if the new Hardware implementation had of been properly handled.

There is no One Size fits all in a situation like this you need to look at the end users and what is required but if there is any possibility of Different Platforms being used then straight Data is always the best way to go. No matter what happens there is no possibility of Data Loss. Of course this all depends on any Regularity Guidelines that are required to be followed as Straight Data Backup's are not suitable for Medical Records and that type of thing.

If you want to keep specific descriptions off a public forum you can always click on Send Message as there is only a 2 hour time difference between Perth & Brisbane.

Might save you some time.


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