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    Backup Hard disk crashed


    by kishwar.hasnain ·

    Hello there,
    my backup hardisk is all of sudden not available on my computer, when I boot my system it does recognise it there but after windows XP loaded it do not shows me, my backup hard disk. I have tried it onto other system as well but same response, that system also do not shows me my hard disk, whenever I try to access F: drive the only message it asks me “disk is not formated, Do u want to format it.” and all my backup is on that hard disk, therefore I dont want to format it.

    Can anyone help me, about what happend to my hard disk and how can I recover my data from that disk.

    Thanks & best regards,

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      Reply To: Backup Hard disk crashed

      by tech_wiz03 ·

      In reply to Backup Hard disk crashed

      use fdisk to check out the harddisk first but be careful:
      1) Fdisk
      2) select option 5) and choose the second disk
      3) select option 4) and see what the partition table has to say about the partitions.
      4) exit fdisk (you only want to see partition info not change anything!!!! ok

      If harddisk came with partitioning software like MAXTOR etc you can sometimes use that software to backoff information to another drive and/or even do repairs. But use this with extreme caution.

      You can use tools like Norton, Recover, Restorer and many others to also repair or backup data. Many allow you to rebuild the directory tree also.

      The primary question you have to ask is when did the drive become unavailable, did you have a viral issue, did you try and make new partitions on the drive without backing it up?

      I would like to give you more precise answers if i new more about the root cause surrounding the issue.

      rick at

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      Reply To: Backup Hard disk crashed

      by djent ·

      In reply to Backup Hard disk crashed

      Reason #1 for tape backup!

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      Reply To: Backup Hard disk crashed

      by nbp backup ·

      In reply to Backup Hard disk crashed

      We are a data backup/data recovery company. This is a common problem that we deal with a lot. If you want to email me, It is very likely you can get the drive back. I can give you instructions to bring it back.

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