Backup Help!!!!

By mscud1 ·
Hi all,
I have some questions about buying a backup device foe a network w/6 pc's running Win NT4..

1. What is the difference between a tape drive and an external hard drive for a backup device?

2. If i get and ext. hard drive, wont it eventually run out of disk space? Does it connect to the server?

3. Do i connect the backup device directly to the one server they have? It's a stand alone Dell Poweredege 1300.

4. If connected to the server does it backup all the desktops, or just the files saved on the server?

5. What type of software will work w/NT4 and does it let you choose what to backup?

6. Does a system backup include alll the desktop pc's including email backups?

I really appericate the help in advance. Some of these questions may sound dumb but this is my 1st time buying and installing a back system for a small company.



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by p.j.hutchison In reply to Backup Help!!!!

1. Tape drives are slower than hard disks. You can easily changes tapes on Tape drives for multi-tape backups, you cannot swap hard disks easily (unless you have more than one)
2. Yes, you can connect to server via either SCSI, USB, Firewire or SATA direct cable.
3. Yes, probably.
4. Depends on the software (may need client software) and what you want to backup.
5. Very old backup software. You will be lucky to find any. CA's Backup Exec is good.
6. Yes, it can do that.

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