Backup IOS V9.00.04 to tftp server

By londo4 ·
How can I backup The IOS v9.00.04 interprise edition From Catalyst1900 Switcher 12port, to the computer(tftp server) and later upgraden on catalyst1900 Switcher 12port who has IOS v9.00.04 standard Edition?

Becouse I have also the same problem that I found on this forum, this problem:

A few commands are missing, [V] VLAN and the [K] Command Line..when I try to exit out of the Managment Console from the Main Menu, it just takes me back to where I was.....I've tried flashing it, reset it to factory......unplugging it. The switch seems to work fine other than these missing commands.

Would flashing the version to a Enterprise Edition flash fix this?

Because without access to the CLI, I can't configure any VLAN ports....nothing....I have flashed it to the V9.00.04 Standard Edition....If anyone knows where I can download an Enterprise Edition version of 9.00.04, that would be great (if there is one) or if that will even fix my problem.



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TFTP Server

by CG IT In reply to Backup IOS V9.00.04 to tf ...

you use a console cable connected to the console port on the switch and your serial port on your computer. 9600 baud 8 bit 1 stop no flow control for telnet in.

Some 1900s don't have Vlan capability and won't accept a later IOS version because of the processor.

once you connect via the console you should see "User Interface Menu" if you don't see "User Interface Menu" then the IOS isn't loading up. If you do see "User Interface Menu" and you have [M] Menus and IP configuration then you have an "older" 1900 processor and IOS.

You can get 1900 software from Cisco on their site. Just register and go download it but be forewarned that not all 1900 IOS works in all 1900s check your model and revision #.

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