Backup not flushing Exchange logs

By amarshall ·
We're running Exchange 2003 on Windows Server 2003 and using Veritas Backup Exec v9.1 to do our backups. We've always had a problem with Veritas not flushing Exchange logs when it runs backups. In order to work around this, we periodically run a full backup using ntbackup, which will clear the logs. However, for some reason ntbackup is no longer clearing the logs when we run the full backup. The logs are getting to be quite large and are in danger of filling up our server. Is there a reason ntbackup would fail to flush the logs? Is there another way to clear the logs out? I hesitate to delete the log files manually, but we're going to run out of space soon if we don't do something.

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Check file attributes and permissions on the logs

by seanferd In reply to Backup not flushing Excha ...

Or settings in Veritas, and your ntbackup command.

I don't know that ntbackup will flush the logs.
Specifies the type of log file: f=full, s=summary, n=none (no log file is created).

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Looks fine

by amarshall In reply to Check file attributes and ...

The account running the backup has the necessary permissions to delete the logs. I've been through every setting in Veritas and ntbackup to see if there is an issue, with no luck. Veritas looks like it should flush the logs, but it doesn't. Ntbackup has done the job in the past, so I'm not sure what's changed.

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Not "append" vs "overwrite" is it?

by seanferd In reply to Looks fine

That's the only other thing I can think of.

I'm wondering if you deleted the logs manually once, would they continue build, or would it go back to flushing/overwriting during backup?

Did you happen to check the NTFS permissions on the logs? (I'm just unclear on whether you checked account privileges only, or also NTFS.)

Otherwise, it's a mystery to me.

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by amarshall In reply to Not "append" vs "overwrit ...

The backup job is set to overwrite existing media. Yes, I did check NTFS permissions, and everything looks fine. Are we talking about the same logs? I'm talking about the Exchange logs, not the backup logs. I don't see how the backup overwrite/append settings would affect whether or not it flushed the Exchange logs.

What kind of effect would deleting the Exchange logs have on Exchange? As I understand it, those logs essentially contain all activity since the last time the Exchange database was backed up. Is there any danger that I will lose e-mails or other data if I delete those logs?

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Thr transaction logs?

by seanferd In reply to Nope

Yes, I was thinking of the backup logs, my mistake.

Exchange keeps all sorts of logs, but I'm guessing the transaction logs are in question here. As a log, I don't believe it would cause a loss of email if it were deleted. Check this KB article if you do want to delete transaction logs.

Something on the various logs in ES 2003.

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