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I'm curious to hear how some of you handle your backup procedures.

I have a five day tape backup cycle on my servers. Differential overwrite on Monday, Differential Append Tue-Thur and Full Backup Friday. I keep all tapes off-site with me.

I also backup our three SQL databases and ERP work directory (to file) nightly, burn them to DVD in the morning and keep the DVD off-site with me. I do this cause, In the event I need to restore, it's easier to do it from DVD then tape, and the Time stamps between the backup and day end procedures and within 1/2 hour of each other.

At month end, I keep DVD's of all pre and post month end data backups. I keep one copy on site and one with a records management company.

Here's my question... The backups are starting to get a little big for DVD. I'm not sure if I should start using dual layer or if I should try a different media. I'm thinking about getting an external HDD for the Daily off-site backups.

How do some of you deal with your Daily backups and archives?


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External HDD

by Toivo Talikka In reply to Backup - Off-Site Archive ...

For a small site I have scheduled the AD backup and SQL Server backup to write the backup files into a folder on the Windows Server 2003 at 1AM and 2AM.

At 3AM a Windows XP workstation with a large hard drive runs a scheduled script where XCOPY copies the server backup folder and other data folders the server to the local hard drive across the LAN.

At 4AM a scheduled backup on a Maxtor OneTouch 300GB drive copies the backup to the external hard drive. The user swaps the drive and stores the external hard drive off-site.

With proper login and folder security, the intermediate backup on the local PC drive guarantees a quick response to problems with deleted or corrupt documents.

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