Backup on Windows SBS Server

By stuart_dougla6 ·
I have a Windows 2003 SBS server whereby the Ntbackup has stopped working. The internal tape drive has been replaced twice including the SCSI cable and controller card and the driver has been updated and the server rebooted. Backing up to a file works fine but using the tape drive fails almost immediately with a message saying

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So what happens when you insert any Tape?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Backup on Windows SBS Ser ...

It sounds as if the tapes have bit the dust or are not compatible with the new drive.


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Reponse To Answer

by stuart_dougla6 In reply to So what happens when you ...

Thank you for the reply. I tried the cleaning option but it didn't work. In the end the driver which Dell sent me wasn't the correct one. Once this was updated all was fine.

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Or you can completely eliminate tapes...

by ZettaNick In reply to Backup on Windows SBS Ser ...

You can also completely eliminate tapes and go with a 3-in-1 backup that includes local, offsite and remote backup, plus instant recovery, disaster recovery and archiving.

2nd generation cloud backup is now available and offers both performance benefits over tape, like 70% faster backups, and cost benefits -- 50% cheaper than tape -- after you add up tapes hardware, software, and offsiting costs.

With the problems tape is giving you right now, it might be worth it to take a look at's solution:

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Reponse To Answer

by stuart_dougla6 In reply to Or you can completely eli ...

Unfortunately the client doesn't want to spend any money. In the end the issue was down to the wrong tape driver which Dell sent me. Once this was changed all was fine.

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